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Training Collars

Make sure you're walking your dog and he's not walking you with our variety of training collars. More often than not, dogs need to be taught how to walk on a leash, and our collars make it easy to show your pup how to walk beside you and when to heel. Whether you're looking for a harness, a head collar or a pronged collar, you'll find the right fit for your dog at EntirelyPets.

Head collars are the perfect choice for dogs who tend to take off in every direction the minute you clasp their leash. By fitting the collar over the nose instead of the neck, head collars place pressure on either the back of the neck or the nose rather than the throat, so when your dog tries to take off, a quick pull on the leash will redirect him. Before you know it, he'll learn to walk alongside you and at your pace. No more tugging on the leash or lunging away from you. Walks will become the most pleasant part of your day. Harnesses are also a popular way to maintain control over your dog while teaching him how to walk on a leash. They're easy to use and feature adjustable straps for a comfortable fit. The harness features a clip at the center of your dog's chest, and with a gentle tug, he's easily redirected without any unnecessary pressure. The harness allows for stress-free enjoyable walks.

If you're looking for a collar that will give you even more control, EntirelyPets offers a selection of prong training collars. They simplify obedience and leash training in a safe and humane way, and are especially helpful if you struggle to control your dog or if he's always pulling on the leash.

Browse our selection of training collars and see which one is best for your dog.