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Trusted Pet Peanut Butter with Melatonin (16oz)

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Trusted Pet Peanut Butter a mouth-watering treat for your dog which contains the ideal amount of healthy benefits of rolled oats and yummy flavors of peanut butter. Carefully crafted to not include ingredients which are toxic or harmful to dogs Xylitol, Sugar, Hydrogenated Oil, Salt, Artificial Sugars and Fructose Corn Syrup. Use it to treat your dog for good behavior, stuff inside dog toys for healthy play, smear it on kibble or medicine for easy ingestion and much more. Still not convinced? here is a reminder of the benefits to help you decide in the meantimeUnique and Delicious flavor jam-packed with healthy mineralsKeeps your dogs health safe with use of non-toxic ingredientsIdeal consistency for smearing and stuffing in toys, hooves, lick pads and more.

Key Features:

  • DELICIOUS ROLLED OATS PEANUT BUTTER: Packed with health and flavor, our dog and puppy peanut butter is something your fur baby wont be able to get enough of
  • A HEALTHY SOURCE OF ENERGY: Keep your puppers digestion optimal with rolled oats and their fur soft and shiny, with our nutrient and fiber rich peanut butter dog treats
  • ONLY SAFE INGREDIENTS: We know how much your dog means to you, that's why we steered clear of toxic ingredients such as Xylitol, sugar, salt, preservatives and hydrogenated oils
  • IDEAL CONSISTENCY PEANUT BUTTER: Smear on lick pads, use as dog treats, stuff inside dog toys or slurp right off the spoon. Our whole peanut and honey oats flavor is the perfect treat for your dogs
  • MAKES GULPING MEDICINE EASY: A quick covering with peanut butter dogs spread masks unsavoury flavor and odour of medicine for easy and convenient ingestion

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Trusted Pet Peanut Butter for Dogs (16oz)Trusted Pet Peanut Butter for Dogs (16oz)Reg price: $21.84
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