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5 Animal Friendships That Will Leave You Smiling

5 Unexpected Animal Friendships

To pet owners, it might be no surprise to learn that humans and dogs and cats bear no unique relationship. Animals all over the world find friends in other species in ways you'd never imagine. Check out the list of our top five favorite friendships.

1. Roscoe and Suryia

Roscoe and Suryia are a bluetick hound and orangutan that are best buds at TIGERS sanctuary, located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. After the loss of Suryia’s parents, he fell into a languid depression and stopped eating; veterinarians were certain he would perish. That is, until Roscoe, a homeless hound dog, followed employees of the sanctuary where Roscoe immediately responded warmly to the dog. The two have been friends ever since.

2. Billy and Zoey

If you watched Fox and the Hound as a kid, then you’ll appreciate this pair of real life friends all the more. Billy the Fox and Zoey the cat are an unlikely duo that has formed an unusual friendship in the city of Van near the seashore. The two play together and stay together.

3. Bonedigger and the Daschunds

Bonedigger is a lion with a disability caused by a metabolic bone disease. This disability has left him a kind-hearted feline who grew up with unconventional friends. When he was a small cub of 4-weeks of age, he was introduced to four Daschunds whom immediately grew to love Bonedigger like a brother. The five animals still frolic together and two dogs, Angel and Milo are particularly beloved by the cat.

4. Muschi and Maeuschen

A friendship made to last, Muschi mysteriously appeared in the housing of Maeuschen the bear one day at the Berlin Zoo. The cat first kept its distance; but after time passed, the two became close and Muschi came in direct contact with Maeuschen. Today, the pair are inseparable and even suffered separation anxiety when Maeuschen’s habitat underwent reconstruction.

5. Ben and Bambi

A real life Thumper and Bambi have emerged! Unfortunately the tale is very close to that of the actual Bambi- as this young fawn was spotted on the side of the road by her mother who had recently passed. The young fawn was rescued by a kind-hearted woman, Svetlana Harper, who nursed it back to health and named it “Bambi”. At Harper’s home, it quickly took a liking to her pet rabbit, Ben.