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Viyo Recuperation Liquid

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Viyo Recuperation Liquid for Dogs is a drink intended to give dogs all the vital nutrients they need to stay healthy and recover from illness or surgery. Viyo was developed by a team of veterinarians over an 8-year period of research and development. The final result is a drink that is low in calories but high in both nutrients and flavor. The drink contains vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, and amino acids among which are Omega 3 and Omega 6 as well as prebiotic fibers.

Viyo is perfect for pets suffering from post-surgery anorexic episodes or for recuperation periods in general. This drink also strengthens the immune system and can act as a subtitute for antibiotics in certain instances. Viyo also works to support skin and coat health and is safe for newborn puppies, too. Viyo is a versatile supplement that dogs love, so order it for your dog or puppy today!

Key Features:
  • Contains essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids
  • Strengthens immune system and promotes skin and coat health
  • Palatable liquid that's easy-to-digest for dogs that are recovering from surgery or illness
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