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Pet Weight Loss

Dealing with major body weight fluctuations isn't just a problem affecting humans - our pets can get portly, too. At EntirelyPets, we have the affordable prices you need on the food and dietary supplements you want for your pet.

To being with, helping your pet maintain a healthy body weight requires much of the same effort you would give yourself. Make sure your dog or cat is eating a well-balanced, variable and interesting diet, and that you're not overfeeding just because they look so darn cute licking their chops after a meal. Shop our extensive selection of cat and dog foods for ones that have a lower fat content.

You should also encourage frequent exercise, which will help burn off excessive calories, plus get you outside as well. Even something as simple as a walk down the street, 30 minutes at the dog park or a rousing game of fetch can do wonders for your pet's mental and physical wellbeing. We have all sorts of engaging toys and games for you and your pet to play with!

Sometimes, environmental and adjustable factors aren't the only source of your pet's paunchy problem. Just as with humans, as our pets age, their metabolism slows down. If she ate X amount as a young pup racing after geese at the park, should she still be eating as much now that she is a canine of a certain age? If a food decrease is okayed by your vet, start slowly. Drastically cutting your cat's dinner, for example, could lead to him staring at you in the middle of the night, probably contemplating your demise. Instead, reduce the amount slowly. If he gets upset and demands lasagna, take away his Saturday morning Garfield-watching privileges.

Finally, when you've tried all those methods, give our supplements a try! Fat-free treats let you spoil your dog without all the guilt. Specially formulated canned food for cats and dogs combine superfoods like pumpkin and oatmeal that have been clinically proven to help your pet slim down. Fewer calories, but more fiber mean your pet can feel full without being overly bloated. And probiotic chews encourage a healthy gastrointestinal tract that may solve at least part of your pet's weight problem.

Never give your pet any supplements without consulting your veterinarian. Your pet's health and diet are directly affected by your decisions, so make sure they're good ones. Shopping at EntirelyPets is a good first start!