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  4. Yuki (10/21/13)

Yuki (10/21/13)

Pet of the Week
Pet of the Week photo Breed:Mountain Feists / Blue Heeler
Location:Hohenwald, TN
OwnerLeigh & Mike Parsons
Hello Entirely Pets Community. I would like to take a few moments and introduce you all to the most incredible dog I have ever met in all my years on this earth. Her name is Yuki Raito Parsons and she is a 5 year old Mountain Feist / Blue Heeler mix. (although she is pretty much all Feist) ;)

The lady that had her was a breeder of Mountain Feists and Blue Heelers and her Heeler Dad and Feist Mom had somehow found their way together and had 3 puppies. The breeder did not want them and posted flyers stating that she was giving them away to anyone who wanted them. I will never forget how that lady kept referring to those three sweet little puppies as "mistakes" that she couldn't do anything with.

Well, we are so glad that we were lucky enough to have seen that flyer on that snowy November day because we added a member to this family that absolutely belongs with us. And there is not a single "mistake" in anything about her.

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