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Zeus O'Leary Is One Shih Tzu You Must Get To Know!

Pet of the Week Pet of the Week
Breed Shih Tzu
Location Phoenix, Arizona
Human Alexandra and Troy O'Leary
Story If you've ever been to Phoenix, maybe you've seen this adorable Shih Tzu out for a ride! Zeus O'leary is more than just an adorable face, this little guy comes with a super sweet personality too! When it comes to play time, Zeus loves to play with stuffed animals that sing and dance. He also has a favorite squeaky ball he never lets out of his site! When this little guy needs to take a break for some water, he hides his squeaky toy under furniture so none of the household "humans" find it.

Zeus O'leary loves treats, but you may be surprised to learn that he isn't after the typical biscuit. This dog LOVEs vegetables! From sugar snap peas to zucchini - Zeus will take a veggie treat over a dog treat any day! His human explains that she isn't "sure how normal he is because most dogs like bacon and cheese and chicken treats. Not Zeus.. he will take a veggie over anything else!" This is one adorable Shih Tzu we want to meet!

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