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  6. ThunderEase Calming Diffuser Refill for Dogs, 180 day, 288-ml

ThunderEase Calming Diffuser Refill for Dogs, 180 day, 288-ml Video
ThunderEase Calming Diffuser Refill for Dogs, 180 day, 288-ml Video

ThunderEase Calming Diffuser Refill for Dogs, 180 day, 288-ml

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ThunderEase's Dog Calming Diffuser Refill! Designed to work with the ThunderEase Dog Calming Diffuser, this handy refill helps put an end to problem barking, destructive chewing, trembling and other anxious behaviors by mimicking a mother's natural nursing pheromones. Reduce anxiety and help your pup feel safe and less-stressed without all the unwanted side-effects of sedatives or antidepressants. Tested to be over 90% effective for reducing stress, this is the perfect way to soothe new, anxious and aggressive pets while preventing unwanted or destructive behaviors.

Key Benefits:

  • Drug-Free formula eases your pet's stress without unwanted side-effects such as sedation.
  • Continuously releases calming pheromones for up to 30 days, so your pet can feel calm for longer. For best results use for the full 30 days.
  • Helps soothe travel anxiety experienced during airline travel, car rides and moving.
  • Relaxes pets during stressful environments and events such as visiting the vet, anxiety while boarding or kenneling and remodeling.
  • Eases symptoms of stress and anxiety such as problem barking, destructive behavior, inappropriate chewing and peeing.


  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Breed Size: Small Breeds, Medium Breeds, Large Breeds


Analogue of Dog Pheromone (2%), Isoparaffinic Hydrocarbon (100g).

Useful Information

Simply plug your ThunderEase Calming Diffuser in the room your dog uses the most and watch the difference in behavior. ThunderEase is NOT recommended for hyperactivity or aggression. For best results, use for a full 30 days. If additional behavior modification is needed, seek advice from your veterinarian or professional trainer. ThunderEase may be used in conjunction with medications or other treatments. Replace refills every 30 days for maximum calming benefits. Replace the diffuser plug-in every 6 months.

Use only ThunderEase Refills. Use only in properly functioning 120-volt electrical outlet. DO NOT use with power strip, extension cords, or an adapter converter.

Customer Reviews

Review Summary
28 Reviews
75% (21)
21% (6)
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4% (1)
96% Recommend this product (27 of 28 responses)
By Cdkm
El Paso, tx
Works Great!!!
July 21, 2018
Bought this product a couple months back and after a while wondered where it was hiding these last several years. My Vet's office recommended it to minimize the 'dominance' fights that were occurring at least several times a week between my 3 dogs. Within a couple weeks the fights were almost non-existent.
  • Works very well
  • It is a tad pricey if u plan a fore
By koolkat
Good investment
April 24, 2017
These things help my dog be her best self. The very nature of this kind of application, a steadily diffusing hormone that lingers in the air, is ideal for our Rylie because she is super sensitive, and having the small amount evenly distributed into the air works well for her. I recommend these diffusers that were also recommended by my holistic vet.
By Whiskey's M.
Great Prodcut and Super Delivery
February 5, 2017
Adaptil is a great product which helps my goldendoodle not be as anxious as he's prone to be.

To find it online and at a good cost was gravy.

Thank you for stocking the product and the ability to get it shipped to me so quickly.
By De
Great Calming Product
January 31, 2017
Helps keep my crazy puppy dogs calm, especially during thunderstorms, fireworks, etc.
By Rhea
Helps dog anxiety
December 29, 2016
I use this quite a bit for my GSD who is afraid of noises especially thunder and fireworks. It is cheaper to purchase in bulk and I like it better than the more expensive brand.
By lea1113
Great Product
July 14, 2016
The ADAPTIL is a life saver - my Old English Bulldog has anxiety and the diffuser has made a huge difference!
By Loretta
it works!
June 24, 2016
I know it works...............I have forgotten to put
a new refill in and our dog will urinate in the
house. Always seem to find the spot when
walking in my socks!!!!
By Becky
North Carolina
Can't do without!
April 1, 2016
For my hyperactive Corgi, this is a wonderful calming aid. I literally can tell when the bottle is empty by her increased craziness. I don't know if it works for all dogs, but it certainly calms mine down significantly.
By Christy
Diffuse dispenser BUT NOT WITH the Refills
June 27, 2015
I am irritated I missed the memo a Diffuser Dispenser needed to be purchased with the refills. I use oils for myself and the dispenser-diffuser is a little machine I place drops of oil in and it dispenses it not a PLUG IN like a Glade or FREEBREEZE Dispenser
Leaving tomorrow 4th July and not so thrilled about the NEW GREAT PRODUCT TO Assist in my Girl's anxiety. Hope the collar works
By CalmOne
Calgary, AB, CA
Great Product!!!
March 14, 2015
This product is very effective with keeping our dog (who has quite bad separation anxiety) calm. Before use of this product he used to destroy things in the house when left alone. Now we can safely leave him at home for a few hours with no problem!
By Loni
Definitely Works
January 23, 2015
I recently adopted a shelter dog who becomes very anxious when I have to leave the house and was very hesitant to go into her crate. I recently started using Adaptil and have a cartridge plugged into a wall very near her crate. Now when I ask her to take a nap when I leave, she goes right to the crate and lies down and does not show any level of anxiety. It is worth the expense to keep her happy when I am away.
By chickory
Have to have it!
June 5, 2014
I have 4 dogs, one is very high strung & anxious. I tried DAP for him and it is SO helpful. The others don't care one way or the other, but my one tells me in no uncertain terms when the diffuser is empty. It has made our lives so much better. If you have an anxious or angry dog, try this. It may be exactly what you need.
By Joe K.
Salina, KS
This Really Makes a Difference
April 26, 2014
We've been using Adaptil Dog Appeasing Phermone for several months now. At first, we thought our dog's improved behavior might be coincidence. Then when her behavior reverted back to negative space, we realized the diffusers had nearly gone empty (we use three strategically placed in the areas of the house she uses most, which are basically connected spaces). After refilling the diffusers, in about a week, her positive behavior increased again. We realized this was too much evidence to be a coincidence. We now check our diffusers regularly and keep a bit ahead of the supply we need to ensure she does not return to those awful experiences of trembling and fear. We're not sure how long we'll need to use Adaptil, but we're in for the long haul, if need be, because her well-being is as important to us as our well-being! We are grateful for Adaptil and the relief it brings to our girl!
By JoeSalina
Salina, KS
Seems to do the Trick
March 11, 2014
Nothing seemed to calm our young Lab and her sudden bouts of fear and shaking. Our vet recommended trying your product, and within a week, many of her symptoms seemed to dissipate. When the symptoms began to return a few weeks later, we'd discovered that two of the three dispensers were empty! Once refilled, in about a week, she'd begun to return to normal once again. Ordering double next time!
By Susan
Helps my type A nervous dog
February 16, 2014
My australian shepherd is extremely nervous, and jumpy. I was pregnant and needed something to bring him down a notch, I had upped his exercise, but that just didn't stop the jumping / pacing / extreme barking, and I knew after having my daughter there would be a period where I just wouldn't be able to keep up the 2 hour a day routine. The addition of these plug ins has made a huge difference. He still has his moments of anxiousness, but he is much calmer; and he is great around the baby. I just wish they cost a bit less.
By Megan
So helpful, thank you
November 18, 2013
I appreciate these very much, they've helped my puppy relax and sleep at home so much better during a challenging time. Thank you.
By Mary
Ogden, UT
November 10, 2013
I have two dogs(littermate sisters) One is 130lbs the other 90lbs. I love them very much until they get into a fight. The DAP has been VERY helpful in keeping them calmer and a lot fewer fights. It was recommended when I was living in Kauai, by the Human Society. They were using it in their kennels. So I tried it. It works great.
By Tools
NSW Australia
Adaptil D.A.P refill 6 Pack
July 24, 2013
Very happy with this product as it has a noticeable relaxing/calming effect on our Dog who has had several surgical procedures in recent times and we believe it has aided his sense of security and comfort during recovery.
By Petie
Big Pine, California
July 11, 2013
This products helps to calm my four dogs. I would recommend it to owners of highly strung dogs, especially small ones.
By Artsydogue
New Milford, New Jersey
February 9, 2013
Adaptil Phermone products are a life saver in my house. I have them all over the house. With 4 very large dogs to contend with, and 3 of them with behavioral issues, this does make a difference. I use 1 plug in for every 500 sq feet of my home. They last for 30 days. At the price from EntirelyPets, I buy them by 6 packs and save myself a trip to the local pet store, and a ton of money. In my area they are priced between $26 and $32 per refill. Now that is savings! And delivered right to my door.
By laura
washington, dc
very good - definitely effective
November 11, 2012
I use the diffuser in conjunction with the DAP collars because the new collars (the gray ones, not the old, discontinued black ones) do not work as well as the old ones for my dog. I definitely noticed a difference when I added the diffuser. It definitely helped.
Kelowna, BC, Canada
Best Purchase Ever
November 6, 2012
I asked my staff if they had any feedback, and they responded with "the price was fantastic and it arrived quickly"!
Thank you for your speedy service.
We are the much hated Dog Pound and the DAP aids in the care of our dogs. Sadly, most people don't believe that we "care", but your product contributes to that "care".
By mike
Cleveland, Oh
Pheromone is a great product
October 23, 2012
this item works great for our 6 yr old German Shepard, who was abused at 2 yrs, and she is a little "needy"
By wufani
Denver, CO
We know when we run out..
April 30, 2012
Our dog psychologist recommended this to us when we added our adopted husky to the family. The resident female malamute was being very aggressive to the new husky and they were fighting over everything in the house. We added the DAP to the routine and it is amazing at how well it calms the female malamute. We know when we run out because she will start to play rough and just generally be grumpy. Great stuff, can't say enough how much it has helped our household!
By wolfe2006
DAP Dog Appeasing Pheromone
April 17, 2012
I was amazed at how quickly it worked during a thunder storm. Sadly it was at the other side of the house. After my dog had been sitting on my face in bed, I got up and had her sniff it several times, she laid down and went to sleep for the rest of the storm.
By Chocolate P.
Bremerton, WA
Helpful Stuff
March 19, 2012
I have used the DAP diffuser and refills the past couple of years to help lower the stress level of my five dogs. I notice that if I run out DAP liquid, it doesn't take more than about a week for my dogs to start getting a lot more hyper than they typically are when I have the DAP diffuser operating. Obviously I try not to run out by ordering the 6-pack of refills. :^)
By Mike
Euclid, Oh
well worth the money
February 17, 2012
Our 5 yr old German Shepard was abused, and we recued her, but because of the abuse she has seperation anxiety, not tearing up the house, but uriating in the basement. Our Vet suggested Phermone treatment. We began to use it, and found the urinating stopped. Fortunatly for us, we discovered "Entirely Pets", as the prices are remarkable, I tell all friends, family about the company. We have made several purchases and planning on getting flea medecine shortly. With the economy the way it is, you have to save when you can, and with "Entirely Pets" you can.
By metrogirl
Gold Coast, Australia
Peace of Mind
January 19, 2012
A few years ago my boy was diagnosed with anxiety and I was offered DAP by my veterinarian. After purchasing and trialing this product I noticed a marked difference in my dog's behaviour. He stopped pacing, escaping and panting and returned to the his normal happy self within about a week. The only problem was the cost from the vet was prohibitive. So I went searching on the net and found that EntirelyPets had the best price (even with International Postage). I have been purchasing this product from them ever since (about 6 years) and I would not be without it. I have travelled with it when we go on the road and set it up at all the new places we visit and the DAP collar for travel is also great. I cannot recommend this product more highly. It saved my baby from misery.

Questions and Answers

1 Question & 1 Answer
from united kingdom asked:
November 6, 2014
can I use this for any weight of dog
1 Answer
Yes, adaptil diffusers use pheromones that work to elicit a chemical response from dogs of all sizes.
Submitted by: Customer Service on November 6, 2014