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Absorbine Bigeloil

Introducing Absorbine Bigeloil & Quilted Poultice Leg, a powerful combination that provides targeted relief and comfort for your horse's legs. Designed to support post-exercise recovery and promote overall leg health, this innovative solution brings together the trusted benefits of Absorbine Bigeloil and the effectiveness of a quilted poultice. Say goodbye to sore, tired legs and hello to optimal leg care with Absorbine Bigeloil & Quilted Poultice Leg.

Absorbine Bigeloil Key Features:

  • Deep-penetrating formula: Absorbine Bigeloil's unique formulation allows it to penetrate deeply into the muscles and tissues of the leg, providing fast-acting relief.
  • Natural botanical extracts: Crafted with natural ingredients such as menthol and calendula, Bigeloil delivers a soothing and cooling sensation to ease discomfort and reduce inflammation.
  • Trusted brand: Absorbine has been a trusted name in equine care for over 125 years, known for producing high-quality products that deliver results.

Absorbine Quilted Poultice Key Features:

  • Enhanced leg care: The quilted poultice in this product offers additional benefits for leg care, providing an extra layer of support and comfort.
  • Moisture-lock technology: The poultice is designed with moisture-lock technology to retain moisture and prevent drying out, ensuring continuous relief and aid in the recovery process.
  • Easy application: The quilted design makes it easy to apply the poultice to the leg, ensuring maximum coverage and contact with the affected area.
  • Mess-free removal: Removing the poultice is a breeze, thanks to its quilted construction, which minimizes mess and makes cleanup quick and effortless.

Benefits and Usage:

  • Post-exercise recovery: Absorbine Bigeloil & Quilted Poultice Leg is an excellent choice for aiding in the recovery of your horse's legs after exercise or strenuous activity. It helps reduce soreness, inflammation, and swelling, promoting faster recovery times.
  • Soothing relief: The combined power of Absorbine Bigeloil and the quilted poultice provides soothing relief for tired and achy legs, offering comfort to your horse and ensuring their well-being.
  • Versatile application: This product is suitable for use on various leg conditions, including muscle strains, bruises, and minor injuries. It can be used with or without wraps, depending on the severity of the condition.
  • Easy to use: Simply apply the Absorbine Bigeloil & Quilted Poultice Leg to the affected area, ensuring complete coverage. Use it as part of your regular leg care routine or as needed for specific conditions.


Take your horse's leg care to the next level with Absorbine Bigeloil & Quilted Poultice Leg. Combining the proven effectiveness of Absorbine Bigeloil and the convenience of a quilted poultice, this product offers targeted relief, promotes recovery, and ensures your horse's legs receive the care they deserve. Trust in Absorbine's long-standing reputation and provide your horse with the comfort and support they need. Experience the difference with Absorbine Bigeloil & Quilted Poultice Leg today.