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  6. Actistatin Canine Extra Strength Soft Chews Large (120 ct)

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Actistatin Canine Extra Strength Soft Chews Large (120 ct)

Item: IWM038758
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Try Bonies Dental Bones - Hip & joint FormulaActistatin Canine Extra Strength Soft Chews Large is a revolutionary combination of two patented formularies. Actistatin is fortified with resveratrol, powerful antioxidants, enzymes and essential fatty acids that target superior joint care.

  • Relief in 2 Weeks
  • Nourishes Cartilage & Soft Tissue
  • Fights Free-Radicals & Inflammation
  • Delicious Soft Chew
  • Dual-Patent Protected
  • No Loading Dose
  • Ingredients

    GLC formula 1505mg
    Actistatin® 55mg
    CMO 100mg
    MSM 100mg
    Type-II Collagen 40mg
    L-Carnatine 10mg
    Bromelain 10mg
    Resveratrol 5mg
    Grape seed extract 5mg
    Flaxseed oil (DHA, ALA, EPA Omega 3-6) 400mg
    Soybean Oil (LA Omega 3-6) 400mg
    Marine Lipid concentrate (Omega-3-6-9) 80mg

    31-50 lbs 1 chew a day
    51-100 lbs 2 chews a day
    +101 3 chews a day

    Useful Information

    Large dogs 50-100 lbs should take 2 chews per day

    Customer Reviews

    Review Summary
    28 Reviews
    96% (27)
    4% (1)
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    100% Recommend this product (28 of 28 responses)
    By Andrea
    Arthritis pain
    November 21, 2021
    Someone told me about this product and it lived up to the recommendation. It’s the only thing short of a prescription that has made my dog feel better.
    By Cheryl B.
    July 21, 2020
    This product is by far the best joint supplement I have tried. I have 2 dogs with joint issues. When my 13 year starting taking it 2 years ago, he stopped limping within 6 weeks. He had been on at least 2 other brands before this that did not seem to work.
    By Amy
    Millbury, MA
    This really seems to work
    April 13, 2020
    Most of the time my dogs love these chews. I have one girl who is super fussy and will occasionally snub her nose at them, but this is rare. And they seem to really work. I like that Actistatin has research to back it up
    Merchant Response:Actistatin is good stuff. Thank you for your review Amy.
    By Andrea
    Best Purchase
    March 8, 2017
    My 7 year old golden retreiver would limp after walking 45 minutes. She had shoulder surgrey at a young age and developed arthritis. After a few months on this products she has stopped limping, can take longer walkes.
    By I'm G.
    Excellent choice for arthritic dog
    October 23, 2016
    I've tried most of the chewable supplements sold on this site for my arthritic, geriatric Bulldog. This product works the best and my dogs love it. Some of the other ones my dogs wouldn't even eat and others did not seem to provide as much relief.
    By MJ
    Pasco, WA
    Amazing Product!!!!
    October 21, 2016
    I was originally purchasing Actistatin from my Vet. It was so expensive through him, but the product was truly beneficial for my dog. I happened to come across this website and I couldn't believe how reasonable the cost was...on top of it being a high quality product! Thank you!!!
    By sorrytoreport
    It Works!
    May 24, 2016
    This product has helped our dog with his arthritis.
    By pyr m.
    Review for Actistatin Canine Extra Strength Soft Chews Large (120 ct)
    November 20, 2015
    I was originally given this product by my vet as a sample for my 111 lb Great Pyr. I saw results immediately but when I went to purchase some my vet had switched to a more popular vet recommended brand. I tried it and was not impressed at all, had to keep her on the loading dose of it the whole time and still did not get the results that I get from Actistatin using just 1 pill. We all know not every product works the same for everyone so if you don't get the results from one product even if its #1 rated Vet recommended try Actistatin it sure works for my 111 lb Greay Pyr
    By HopeNOT
    Nova Scotia, Canada
    Keep them moving
    June 30, 2015
    I have nine dogs in total. Eight are Border Collies, and one Jack Russell, ranging from one year old to fifteen. They all get Actistatin. They run hard, play hard, and work hard.
    Only took a few days to see results with my old fellow who was having a hard time getting up and walking with his old arthritic joints. Amazing results. He had some quality to his life again. That was enough to convince me that it really works. And they love the soft chew, there's no leaving it behind in their dinner bowl. Thanks Actistatin for a great product.
    By RM36
    Great for mobility
    March 5, 2015
    I have a 16-year old Husky mix and I think this is one of the reasons she is still running around like a puppy (for short periods only, though). She loves the taste and thinks they're treats.
    By Guy
    Best product I've found for aging K9
    February 16, 2015
    I've owned Bulldogs for 20 years. This is the best product I've found for easing joint discomfort and restoring vitality to an aging dog. It's not a cure-all, but it does seem to help.
    By Marya
    Excellent product
    January 28, 2015
    My canine physical therapist and my holistic vet recommended this product for my 10 year old Standard Schnauzer who is very active earning herding titles. It is easy to give and seems to work well for him!
    By DJ
    Like a Treat
    January 18, 2015
    My golden loves Actistatin Canine Extra Strength Soft Chews. After her morning and evening meals she gets one and dances and prances in anticipation. Hopefully it'll keep her joints as healthy as her happiness after meals!
    By Rainey
    Oak Lawn, IL
    Glad I found this.
    July 10, 2014
    Actistatin did wonders for my 9 yr old Boxer. Of course, you need to keep your pets weight in tow, it really helps when the arthritis is in the hips/knees.
    By OTTBmom
    Chicago, IL
    Superior Product
    May 22, 2014
    I put my 7 yo retired female Greyhound on this and she is "racing" around the back yard again Highly palatable. Highly recommend this product!!
    By Furry c.
    Great product
    February 24, 2014
    We use these chews for our two aging dogs. It is no problem getting them to take the chews - they think they're treats and gobble them right up. They look for them at the designated times, too. One of our dogs has normal aging issues (a bit of arthritis etc)...that have slowed him down a bit, but he seems to tackle the stairs more since he's been on these chews. Our other dog has had different issues and has gone regularly to a chiropractic vet for adjustments for years. After being on the chews for a couple of months we took him for his routine adjustments. He showed a big improvement after that appointment, and we believe the chews worked at repairing the connective tissues so that when he had his next adjustments they held. He has a lot more spring in his step, as well, and others have noticed that he feels better. We will continue to use this product as long as it continues to help our dogs feel better.
    By direppucci
    Del Mar, CA
    excellent joint chew
    December 23, 2013
    Perfect for the dog who hates taking supplements. I believe his two times a day dose is making life much easier for him.
    By blossom's m.
    Long Island, NY
    Actistatin Review
    November 6, 2013
    I've given Actistatin to my almost 12 year old arthritic golden retriever for about two months. I'm finding her much more energetic and willing to go for longer walks than before. She is even eating better than before I gave it to her. She thinks she is eating a treat, so it is very easy to give it to her.
    By Kirby's M.
    Northern California
    Yum! For Creaky Joints!
    August 16, 2013
    My 12 year old Newf really loves these "cookies" for his arthritis. His overall mobility has improved and he seems to be taking the stairs a little easier!
    By HolBlake
    Chicago, IL
    Like New
    July 2, 2013
    My 11yr old dog had ACL surgery and I put him on Actistatin right away. You would never know he had ever had this type of surgery....still running. It was also recommended to me by my dog chiropractor. I highly recommend this product. My dog is now 13 and still runs like a 6 year old.
    By Sandy
    Ukiah, Ca
    My Dog Thanks Me!! Amazing Product
    June 27, 2013
    My American Eskimo is 12 years old. She was suffering from arthritis. After finding Entirely Pets on Google, and reading the reviews on this product I thought what the heck it can't hurt to order it. All I can say is wow she is like a brand new puppy. She is running, she feels good and has no pain. This product is truly a god send. Amazing how well it works. When I get up in the moring she can't wait to get it, she is bouncing all over the place, months ago she would just be laying down and not care. I will be ordering more when I run out. This product saved me from going to the vets and we all know what a vet bill will charge. Thank you so much for carrying this product.
    By HAPPY
    GREAT product
    April 1, 2013
    My dog has arthritis and my vet recommended these chews for his supply of glucosamine and chondrotin. He really loves them.
    By Rini
    Los Angeles, CA
    Very happy with product
    March 5, 2013
    My 8+ and 11 year old dogs seam more active and energetic with Actstatin. Others have remarked on the change in the dogs. Very pleased with your service!!!
    By Aussiemom
    Ventura, CA
    Best Supplement Ever
    January 24, 2013
    I started giving this to my 9 year old Aussie who had a shoulder injury several years ago and the change has been remarkable. We do Agility and where once I was always in the lead, now I can't keep up with him!
    By berney m.
    life saver
    January 23, 2013
    My Bernese Mountain Dog puppie's ulna in front leg stopped growing causing the large bone to twist and compromise the shoulder joint. Limp and pain developed.Reluctant to walk or play. 2 weeks on product and he runs like the wind and plays all the time.11 year old lab with arthritis , pain, stiffness, lethargy.Now, two walks a day and playing with puppy, no problem. Life is good again. Miracle for us. Will continue to administer.
    By Glogirl
    Orange County, CA
    Absolute Mini Miracle
    January 12, 2013
    My 11 yr. old golden was finally unable to get up anymore; I couldn't get him into the car, he just gave up trying. His vet prescribed Actistatin saying this medicine was originally made for horses and did so well they made another version for dogs. Within two days he was running circles in the back yard. Honestly, he did better than expected. He still gets up slower but once up he's running around out back like a freight train. It's not cheap but I only buy this brand because I trust it and know it will work. Amen!
    By Mikie
    Manhattan Beach, CA
    November 27, 2012
    The prompt delivery was great. My dog, Meg didn't have to miss her supplement for a day.

    Since she has been taking this for the past two years(she is almost 10) she has had no orthopedic problems.
    By 2 d.
    Calgary, Canada
    Stair Climber
    November 6, 2012
    Before using Actistatin our Pug waited for us to pick her up to carry her up the stairs. After only two weeks of Actistatin she is now a regular stair climber enthusiast regularly visiting the front door to check out who's there!

    Questions and Answers

    1 Question & 1 Answer
    from Union City, CA asked:
    March 19, 2015
    Does this products have corn syrup in it?
    1 Answer
    Actistatin products do not include any corn syrup. Actistatin is a natural product that doesn't include any harmful ingredients. Actistatin Canine is the only oral joint supplement with all 4 forms of glucosamine plus chondroition and the Actistatin blend to optimize the digestive environment and maximize absorption to the blood stream. The more glucosamine and chondriotion that gets to the bloodstream the more key nutrients getting to the joint to help repair, rebuild and renew joint tissues. With maximized absorption results are quickly seen. In short, Actistatin Canine is the most potent oral joint supplement you can buy today.
    Submitted by: Customer Service on March 19, 2015

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