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Active Ingredients in Zymox

And How They Fight Infection in Your Pet

Zymox uses a variety of enzymatic solutions to treat otic, skin, and other bacterial or fungal infections. Despite the wide array of Zymox product on the market that effectively combat these infections, the majority of the products rely on the same enzymatic ingredients to get the job done. By learning what each ingredient does, we hope this guide helps you determine which product is right for treating your pet’s infection.


Hydrocortisone, a steroid hormone, is only included in certain products to provide relief from inflammation and itching. This ingredient is used primarily as an anti-inflammatory agent and thus is of great use when combating infections that cause skin irritation or itching.

Excess use of hydrocortisone may cause undesired protein breakdown and muscle loss. Though Zymox uses safe levels of Hydrocortisone, Zymox offers several products with and without the hormone for those who opt for additional relief for their pet. Products that use Hydrocortisone are generally topical agents available in a spray or cream.

Lysozyme and Lactoperoxidase

Small enzymes that break down the cell wall of hazardous bacteria, lysozymes work to prevent or eliminate bacterial infections. The cell walls are composed of carbohydrate chains that work to hold the bacteria together and regulate the passage of material between the bacteria and its environment. Once the lysozyme breaks down this membrane, the bacteria are structurally unstable and they eventually burst.

Lactoperoxidase similarly works to eliminate bacteria as an enzyme that catalyzes oxidation. The process of oxidation, in which a reaction causes the loss of an electron, create a variety of substrates that work to destroy bacteria. It is also a natural part of the immune system that plays an important role in preventing infection.

Due to their ability to fight foreign bacteria, lysozymes and lactoperoxidase have long been used as antibiotics and are common ingredients in remedies for infection. Both enzymes are integral parts of our body’s natural defense for areas that are rich in resources for bacteria growth or exposed surfaces that are prone to infection. Zymox uses these ingredients to fight bacterial infection in sensitive areas where Hydrocortisone might cause damage.


Lactoferrin is a protein that acts as an antimicrobial agent in a vast majority of Zymox products. This protein works to complement antibacterial agents and expand Zymox products’ utility into an antifungal and antiviral agent. Lactoferrin works by binding to the cell wall of certain bacteria which works to prevent viral attachment in the case of beneficial bacteria and to rupture the cell wall in the case of hostile bacteria and cause its destruction in the case of hostile bacteria.

Lactoferrin, Lysozme and Lactoperoxidase are the primary enzymes that work in otic and topical solutions from Zymox. These ingredients are excellent for naturally combating infection and ensure that Zymox is effective in keeping your pet healthy.