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Zymox Spray with Hydrocortisone (2 oz)

Item: Z015870
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Searching for the perfect topical ailment cure for your cat or dog? Zymox Spray with Hydrocortisone offers a powerful, natural cure to aid in the treatment of many different skin infections. This enzyme based formula is safe for use on dogs, cats, and in other veterinary recommended situations. Apply Zymox Spray with HC up to twice a day for seven days (or as otherwise directed by a veterinarian) to help treat atopic dermatitis, hot spots, acute moist pyoderma, fold pyoderma, anal sac abscesses, and more. Zymox can also help with ringworm symptoms. Zymox Spray may also be used on other dermatitis and skin related ailments. For best application of this product, hold the bottle five to seven inches away from the skin and spray until the area is thoroughly coated. Zymox Spray with Hydrocortisone is for topical use only and should not be given orally to the pet.

Useful Information

Directions: Hold bottle 4-6" away from affected area and apply until thoroughly covered. Apply twice daily for one to two weeks or as directed by veterinarian. May be lightly covered with sterile bandage.

Recommended for use on acute moist pyoderma, atopic dermatitis, fold pyoderma, hot spots, anal sac abscesses and other topical infections.

Customer Reviews

Review Summary
24 Reviews
79% (19)
13% (3)
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4% (1)
4% (1)
92% Recommend this product (22 of 24 responses)
By helpful a.
Such a relief
July 27, 2015
Works with helping my dog's allergies. Pads become red, swollen, and itchy. This helps relieve the symptoms and keep them at bay.
By andi
April 12, 2015
I bought this product after reading the reviews from other customers. But, this product did nothing for my dog's leg. So, I still had too take the him to the vet.
By PAGirl
Pittsburgh, PA
Works Great
July 15, 2014
I have a lab with allergies and always licking her paws, this spray works great, it stops her licking for awhile until the hydrocortisone wears off.
By LALadyNow
New Orleans metro area, LA
Cleared Up the Skin Problems
January 30, 2014
I used this product on my dog's itchy, discolored skin problem (I think it was the yeast infection dachshunds are prone to get) and it cleared up in a few weeks. Unfortunately, the problem has returned so I'm about to order more.
By cracker
October 20, 2013
My dog had yeast on his skin and this is the first thing I have found that takes care of it. I had taken him to the vet and they gave me pills and shampoos and ointments that did not work. This product works.
By carol H.
Houston, TX
Excellent Product
September 1, 2013
I originally purchased this product from my vet and ran out. My dog has an allergy on his feet and this helps stop the itching.

Getting ready to order again!
By jc
Outstanding Product
May 29, 2013
My dog has Atopic Dermatitis,nothing cleared his skin,I tried everything. I started using this product the itching and licking stopped immediately. His skin looks beautiful. He actually is able to sleep thur the night. My Dino is so happy!
By Kelimer
Not for my dog.
May 6, 2013
I bought this stuff because my friend loves it and told me I should try it. It didn't help my dog much. Her ears still itch. I won't buy it again but my friend swears by it for her dog.
By HappyCamper
Hot Spot relief
February 6, 2013
A great product that helps my Shih Tzu deal with summertime allergies. I just wish that the product was available in a larger spray bottle, 4oz., 6oz.
By Limey
Plainfield, IL
Review for Zymox Spray with Hydrocortisone (2 oz)
January 17, 2013
I buy this for my Bulldog as she gets ear infections and it works great.
By Samy
Great for dogs that chew them selves
November 20, 2012
Spray on hot spots and areas the dog has chewed really helps in the healing.
By Susan N.
Norco, CA
Best steroid spray ever
November 8, 2012
I've bought hydrocortisone sprays before, but this is the best. The Zymox is moisturizing and the steroid is the strongest.
By Gary A.
Woodstock, NY
Marvelous Relief for Loki
October 28, 2012
After applying Zymox with HC to the stubborn
infections in the ear of our long-suffering 7-year-old Chesapeake/Lab, I noted an easing in her
composure almost immediately. Within several days the improvement in her condition was absolutely remarkable. Swelling, redness and oozing faded away and her head-shaking tapered off. A problem which had plagued her through a number of expensive vet visits, repeatedly resurging after antibotic and other treatments was entirely gone in a little over a week and has yet reappear.
I have been so delighted with the outcome, I have requested the local pet shop to carry it in stock and, after listening to my descriptions of the results on Loki's ear, they agreed.
Just amazing. Thank you!
By Kfit
Baltimore, Md.
Zymox Topical Spray
October 24, 2012
Works like magic! Quickly relieved itching & helped heal the awful burning hot spots due to seasonal / summer skin allergies on my Havanese! Great product!
By fufi
October 23, 2012
A great help just the bottle is so small
By Caroleena
Fond du Lac, WI
Convenient & it works!
August 14, 2012
I read about ZYMOX online.
When I ordered this product I couldn't believe how fast it arrived! Thank you because my dog needed it. Nothing worked as well on his ears as the ZYMOX spray. Since it is a spray it is so easy to apply; even inside his floppy ears. This is a convenient product that works! Plus it was reasonably priced. What more could one ask for?
By Cat_travels
August 7, 2012
10yr old Lab retriever with itchy paws and a big paw chewing problem. Its been two weeks now and this spray is starting to make progress. He is on his paws alot less, though they are still pink (not angry red anymore though and the sore spots are gone). Best part is he doesn't really seem to want to lick it that much, while he will lick at most creams.
Akeley, MN
Great product!
July 25, 2012
Yes, this is really great, it has helped my dog that chews on her feet until they are sore. The topical spray is the answer to healing.
May 15, 2012
Had yeast problem with my dogs whose white legs and paws turned ugly rusty color and had them continually licking. Tried medicated shampoo and treatment with no lasting affect. This stuff, when used consistently, takes care of the problem.
By Buddys_Mom
New Hampshire
Zymox Spray is Awesome
April 20, 2012
I have a 6-yr old Golden Retriever who just started getting hot spots in the past 6 months and we were devastated that he had to have his head shaved so I could get the ointment to the spots through his long hair the 1st time he had them. This spray is wonderful since I don't need to shave his head and can get this right up to his skin and get this through the areas needed without all of the waste when you try to rub an ointment through his thick, long hair. This product is wonderful - in both forms, but I highly recommend the spray for ease of use and less trauma to both your dog and you when they have to be shaved. :( The prices were excellent on this site as well - less than half of what I was paying at my veterinarian for this product. I greatly appreciate that. This product clears up the hot spots in a couple of weeks - it's no miracle cure, but it works much better in combination with some benadryl than anything else I've tried.
By Igor
Topeka, Kansas
Super product !!!
March 27, 2012
This product ha drastically lessened my Beagle's constant chewing of his feet which he has a problem with due to an allergy. I would recommend it to anyone who is having this problem.
By AllergyGolden M.
Stops itch in its tracks!!!
February 8, 2012
Seriously. This stuff works. My doggie is allergic to Planet Earth!! And when his skin starts to act up, I spray this on the effected areas and within minutes the itching stops and within a few hours, his skin has calmed down. Its truly a life safer. Thank you Zymox!!
By Zorro's M.
Norco, CA
I still can't quite believe how well it works
December 23, 2011
I bought this for my 6 year old chihuahua mix who
has been aggressively treated for allergies to most
everything in the environment, not expecting much. I have him on allergy shots, medrol, and, lately, dry skin remedies. I sprayed his legs with this after a rinse, and he didn't itch for nearly a week. I've used it 4 times since then, and am weaning him off the steroids, the first time in 5 years! I'm back to order the shampoo and rinse.
I still have my fingers crossed that it continues to work. It really feels like a miracle--he is calm and playful; like a regular dog. $1000's of dollars, and a $7 spray made him comfortable!
By jane
Los Angeles, CA
Only thing that worked for my dog!!
October 13, 2011
Great product! I would recommend this to anyone whose dog has itching issues

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