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Advantus is a quick and easy way to fight off flea infestations on your dog. Get rid of fleas without the hassle of dealing with sticky residue. With this soft chew, you can easily give it to your dog as a treat or with their meal to start seeing fleas die within 1 hour! See them completely free of biting bugs at the 4 hour markóthatís how fast this works!

The secret to Advantus is imidacloprid, a neurotoxin that paralyzes and kills fleas. This sounds frightening, but donít worry! Imidacloprid is considered to be the safest insecticide due to its low toxic levels towards vertebrates. It even replaced stronger insecticides for our crops to be safer for consumption. This substance specially bonds strongly to insects with the provided dosage. It doesnít bind well to receptors on mammals such as dogs, cats and humans, so side effects are practically nonexistent for your furry friend. Once consumed, imidacloprid begins moving through your petís bloodstream, poisoning the fleasí food supply! It works by overloading stimulation into the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors of insects when they go in to take a bite. These receptors are a key part in transmitting outgoing signals from the nervous system. Attacking them with excess stimulation will cause paralysis, rigidity and eventually death in adult fleas. While this sounds like a long process, it actually happens very quickly. After your pet snacks on a soft chew, youíll be seeing fleas drop dead immediately within 1 hour!

Because Advantus is effective for killing adult fleas who are feeding, it is ideal to use for a current infestation. No one wants to deal with another plague of fleas, so for preventive measures, consider other products that work to kill flea eggs, larvae and pupae as well as those with repelling features to keep them off your pet for good!

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