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Allergroom Shampoo by Virbac (16 oz)
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Allergroom Shampoo by Virbac (16 oz)

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Clean your dog or cat while helping to restore and maintain skin health with Allergroom shampoo. Allergroom by Virbac is hypoallergenic and is formulated for routine use on dogs or cats with either normal or dry skin. As you wash your pet, the soap-free shampoo has an emolliating effect on your pet's skin. The shampoo gently removes dead skin cells, leaving behind a layer of healthy, smooth skin. The antiseborrheic properties of the shampoo increase its restorative capabilities, helping to treat many common skin conditions. Allergroom by Virbac has been extensively tested. It's suitable for use with both Frontline and Advantage flea control, as the shampoo does not alter those products' effectiveness. It is suitable for dogs and cats of all ages.

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