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Allerpet Cleaning Solutions

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Cats and dogs aren't able to tolerate regular soap and water well when it comes to cleaning. Because they are entirely covered in fur, their skin is far more sensitive underneath, and will react to harsh, drying chemicals in traditional soap. This can be particularly challenging when a favorite pet is also causing allergies to its human owner.



, however, dog and cat owners have a pet solution alternative that can remove dander and allergens from the animal without irritating the dog or cat's skin even further. Further, because Allerpet products are made to be specifically non-toxic to any animal, owners can use them on small pets such as new puppies and kittens, rabbits, rodents and more.

Allerpet products include Allerpet D-Mite laundry additives to get rid of dust mites, Allerpert C for cats, and Allerpet D for dogs. Additionally, there is Allerpet Single Solution, which provides a comprehensive treatment in one bottle, removing all animal allergens that will trigger reactions in humans.

Your pets have no idea what allergies they can cause; to them dust and dander are just part of life. Don't punish them with harsh soap products. Use Allerpet products to make your life easier and keep your pets clean of allergens.

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