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Cleaning & Sanitation

Who says you can’t keep a spotless home when you have pets? With our selection of cleaning supplies, pet diapers, training pads and more, your house will look and smell great. Even the best-trained pets will have an accident now and again, but with the proper cleaning tools, the mess, and any odor it left behind will disappear. We carry plenty of stain and odor removing agents that are safe for your pet. Pets tend to go to the bathroom in the same place, so once they’ve gone in the house, chances are they’ll return to that spot. We have a number of odor removers that provide double-duty by keeping pets from remarking the same area.

If you have multiple pets, dog and cat hair can sometimes get the best of you. Let our hair removers and lint rollers keep your house, and your clothes, hair free. The easy-to-use Petmate Pet Hair Magnet features a rubber blade that takes hair out of the carpet, drapes and furniture. Another popular pet hair removal item is StickySheets, which are reusable strips that remove pet hair from large surfaces, like your bed or couch.

If you’re looking to simplify your cat’s litter situation, check out the different types of pans we have available. Our hooded cat litter pan help keep the litter where it belongs – in the box – rather than getting tracked throughout the room. If you are looking for an easy to clean appliance, the Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan is just right for you. The two-way plastic door resembling a cat flap makes it easy for cats to use and provides them with greater privacy then an open litter pan. It comes complete with an Odor-Trap cartridge that eliminates unpleasant odors. It is an ideal cat pan for multi-cat households.

Cleaning up after your pets isn’t always easy, but with help from EntirelyPets and the proper training, you and your four-legged friends will get along just fine.