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AllSafe Harness - Medium

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The Original AllSafe – #1 Crash Tested Pet Safety Harness Worldwide

  • Crash Test Rated Using Government Safety Standards (CERTIFIED - DIN-75410-2 | ECE R-17 | FMVSS 213)
  • Perfect Track Record of Safety for Over 15 Years
  • Four Sizes Available to Fit a Wide Variety of Dogs
  • High-Quality Nylon and Stainless Steel Construction
  • Reflective Banding for Increased Visibility in an Emergency
  • Transitions Easily From a Car Safety Harness to a Walking Harness
  • Highest Rated Tensile Strength and Superior Crash Test Performance
  • Useful Information


    Why choose the Original AllSafe Harness?

    The Original AllSafe Harness will play a key role in reducing the risk of serious injury or death for drivers, passengers, and pets.

    A dog that is not properly secured in your vehicle can be seriously or fatally injured in an accident.

    An unrestrained pet can also be a significant distraction or, in some cases, they can even cause a motor vehicle accident.

    During a collision, inadequate restraints may allow your dog to become a deadly projectile within the vehicle.

    Automobile clubs, car magazines and safety organizations publish these warnings regularly. Several states already have legislation to regulate the safe transport of pets, while others are seriously considering similar laws.


    How does The Original AllSafe Harness compare to other safety harnesses?

    The Original AllSafe Harness is the world’s best performing and strongest crash tested dog restraint currently available.

    The Original AllSafe Harness offers the highest rated tensile strength and superior crash test performance when compared to any other harness on the market.

    The Original AllSafe Harness has a proven track record of safety for over 15 years in Europe.

    German engineering combined with high-quality nylon and stainless steel construction make the Original AllSafe Harness the strongest crash tested harness in the world.


    Testing & Safety

    The German Auto Club tested the AllSafe Harness at their ADAC Technology Centre. Performance was measured against the criteria established in DIN-75410-2 / ECE R-17 and crash tested with a 50lb dog dummy at speeds up to 30 mph.

    The Original AllSafe Harness was also tested by the Test and Research Institute of Sweden and the Swedish Veterinary Office.

    The AllSafe Harness was tested by MGA Research in the USA using the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 213 for Child Restraints and crash tested with a dog dummy weighing 75lbs at speeds up to 30 mph.

    We have also tested the AllSafe Harness using the current Center for Pet Safety interpretation of ideal harness performance.

    The Original AllSafe Harness is the most thoroughly tested, established and proven dog safety harness in the world.

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