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Anthelcide Equine Paste (24 gm)

Item: PVPPFZ6045
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Anthelcide (oxibendazole)Equine Wormer Paste is a paste formulation of oxibendazole, a broad-spectrum benzimidazole anthelmintic. Effective against all major equine internal parasites except bots and tapeworms. Syringe of paste treats up to 1,200 lbs.

Anthelcide EQ Paste contains: Oxibendazole ..... 22.7%


Anthelcide EQ Paste is indicated for removal and control of:
  • Large Strongyles (Strongylus edentatus, S. equinus, S. vulgaris)
  • Small Strongyles (species of the genera Cylicostephanus, Cylicocyclus, Cyathostomum, Triodontophorus, Cylicodontophorus, and Gyalocephalus)
  • Large Roundworms (Parascaris equorum)
  • Pinworms (Oxyuris equi) including various larval stages
  • Threadworms (Strongyloides westeri)

  • Anthelcide EQ is contraindicated in severely debilitated horses or horses suffering from infectious disease, toxemia, or colic.
  • Useful Information

    The dosage of oxibendazole is 10 mg/kg (2.2 lb) of body weight (15 mg/kg for strongyloides). Each mark on the syringe delivers Anthelcide EQ to treat 100 lb (67 lb for strongyloides). Horses maintained on premises where reinfection is likely to occur should be retreated in 6–8 weeks.

    Dosage Table
    10 mg/kg 15 mg/kg
    Syringe Mark Horse Weight (lb) Syringe Mark Horse Weight (lb)
    100 100 300 200
    200 200 600 400
    400 400 900 600
    600 600 1200 800
    800 800
    1000 1000
    1200 1200

    Anthelcide EQ is compatible with carbon disulfide, which can be used concurrently for bot control (Gasterophilus spp.) when administered by a veterinarian. Routine carbon disulfide cautions must be observed.

    Determine the weight of the horse and dial the correct setting on the plunger, having the side of the wheel nearest the barrel on the desired mark. Remove the cap from the syringe. Insert the tip of the syringe into the side of the animal's mouth between the incisor and molar teeth and press the plunger down as far as it will go, depositing the paste on the back of the tongue.

    Do not use in horses intended for human consumption.
    Not for use in humans. Keep this and all drugs out of reach of children.

    Not for use in humans. Keep this and all drugs out of the reach of children. Refrain from eating or smoking when handling. Wash hands after use. Avoid contact with eyes. The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) contains more detailed occupational safety information. To report adverse reactions in users, to obtain more information, or to obtain a MSDS, contact Bimeda Inc. at 1-888-524-6332.

    Consult your veterinarian for assistance in the diagnosis, treatment, and control of parasitism.

    Anthelcide EQ Paste is supplied in 12 0.85-oz (24-g) syringes.
    Store at controlled room temperature 15°–30°C (59°–86°F).

    NADA #121-042, Approved by FDA
    ANTHELCIDE®EQ (oxibendazole)
    Equine Wormer Paste
    For use in horses only
    Net Weight: 0.85 oz (24 g)
    PRINCIPAL DISPLAY PANEL - 24 g Syringe Label

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