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Grandma Lucy's Artisan Freeze Dried Dog Food

Dog owners who want their dog's diet to include

grain free dog food

as well as all-natural foods and without by-products will find that

Grandma Lucy's Dog Food

not only fits the bill, it provides an enhanced mixture of dog diet components that improve health, prevent disease, and help dogs stay fit and healthy as they grow older. Grandma Lucy's Dog Food is manufactured with 100 percent USDA organic foods as well with a Kosher approach, avoiding preservatives and questionable dog food materials that aren't the healthiest but appear in many other dog food brands a filler.

The benefits of Grandma Lucy's Dog Food include freeze-dried packaging to stop spoilage immediately, grain-free ingredients but high in fiber content, a low glycemic index count, rich in folate, no by-products, and a complete avoidance of preservatives. The approach makes Lucy's Dog Food one of the healthiest brands on the market for domestic dog owners. And between meals dog owners can maintain the same healthy diet with the use of Grandma Lucy's Snacks, ranging from pork to white fish and served in bagged single pet treats for individual consumption. These snack foods are made in the fashion as Lucy's regular dog food products, so there is no concern about the snack offsetting a good diet on Grandma Lucy's Dog Food staples.

Additionally, for those customers who share a combined household with canine and feline friends, Grandma Lucy produces a whole line of cat food products as well, made to the same standards and quality as their dog food.