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Bags on Board

Bags on Board is a brand that specializes in pet waste disposal products, particularly dog waste bags. They offer a convenient and hygienic solution for pet owners to clean up after their dogs when they are out for walks or in public spaces.

The primary product of Bags on Board is their dog waste bags. These bags are typically made of durable, leak-proof materials and come in rolls that can easily fit into a dispenser. The dispenser can be attached to a leash or carried separately, providing easy access to the bags whenever needed.

When a dog owner needs to clean up after their pet, they can simply pull out a bag from the dispenser, open it up, and use it to pick up the waste. The bags are designed to be strong and sturdy, ensuring that they do not tear or leak during the process.

Once the waste is securely enclosed within the bag, the dog owner can tie it off to prevent any odors or messes and then dispose of it properly in a trash bin. This helps maintain cleanliness in public spaces and ensures responsible pet ownership.

Bags on Board offers various options in terms of bag size, color, and fragrance to suit different preferences. They also provide accessories such as dispensers, refill packs, and waste bag holders for added convenience.

Overall, Bags on Board aims to make pet waste cleanup a hassle-free and sanitary experience for dog owners, promoting cleanliness and responsible pet ownership.