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  4. Bart (5/3/10)

Bart (5/3/10)

Name: Bart
Breed: Terrier/Cocker Mix
Submitted by: Gerry S.
Location: Polebridge, MT

Bart may be 14 with two repaired knees, but he is young at heart. He is a real people-person dog who greats everyone with exuberant leaps, tail wagging and smiles.

Living in the mountains of Montana is a lot of fun for dogs and their humans. Thanks to the combination of the supplements Glyco-Flex III soft chews, Missing Link joint support and Canine Senior Plus vitamins, Bart is still active and chasing balls, chipmunks and squirrels. Occasionally a moose gets too close to the house, and Bart does his manly duty and chases it into the woods. This may keep him young, but it takes years off my life! Fortunately, these huge creatures actually run from a 25 pound dog.

We also have black and grizzly bears that visit. Everyone who lives in the mountains with a dog will tell you that their dog has a specific "bear bark" that lets them know when a bruin is around. It is more of a deep, growling bark than usual. There must be a special aroma from a carnivore because Bart always runs to the door when one is in the yard. If for some reason, Bart fails to spot an animal and I pick up my binoculars, he immediately runs to the window. My husband and I tried spelling the name of the animal in the yard because he caught on quickly to just a whisper. Now we abbreviate, "A BB is by the well." So far this has worked.

Recently I found the perfect way to keep him from eating his food in 10 seconds flat: Bob-A-Lot Multi Chambered Interactive Dog Toy. His entire meal goes into this challenging toy, and it often takes as long as 20 minutes for him to get all the kibbles out. He learned to get the food out the first time he tried. Bart's tail never stops wagging as he maneuvers the toy around the house. He also loves the CET Rawhide Chews.

Gyco Flex III Chews Missing Link Supplements Canine Plus Senior


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