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NEW! Cat Pack Gift Bundle For Cats is great gift for the holidays or as a gift for the cat lover you have in mind. Included in this bundle is

1) KONG Cat Cozie Kickeroo (Assorted)
2) JW Pet Cataction Feather Ball with Bell Cat Toy
3) Kitty Kuisine Natural Fish Flakes (1 oz)
4) Zuke's Natural Purzz Healthy Moist Treats For Cats - Chicken (3 oz.)

This specially priced bundle will keep your cat entertained and well-fed. Order now while supplies last!

Useful Information

The Cat Pack Gift Set For Cats contains the following:

The Loofa Cat plush catnip toy is stuffed with genuine organic catnip. Perfectly sized for your cat or kitten to carry in their mouth. Also great for snuggle, bite, toss, chase or play. Soft-textured, catnip-filled toy will make your cat purr. Long, skinny body is reminiscent of a loofa. Use it on your cat's back or tummy too! Hilarious face looks like a grinning dog. Approximately 3/4" long.

The JW Pet Cataction Feather Ball with Bell Cat Toy features a bell with feathers attached that has been placed inside a ball made from natural rubber. The bell keeps your cat enticed while the rubber ensures that the toy bounces and rolls effectively.

Kitty Kuisine Natural Fish Flakes (1 oz) is an all-natural fish treat for cats of all ages. It is made from 100% dried Bonito fillets, carved paper thin, and has no additives, preservatives, or by-products. Kitty Kuisine possesses a strong fish-like aroma, which entices all felines. Kitty Kuisine is a good source of taurine (39%). Taurine is used in body growth and tissue repair.

Natural Purrz are the perfect way to keep your kitty companion purring. They're soft, delicious treats packed with USDA chicken or ocean–caught salmon, a whole-food source of omega 3 fish oil. And because they're healthy (and only 2 calories each), you'll feel good treating your cat to them everyday. You can both be happy about that. Your kitty will be so grateful they may even trade in knocking things off your coffee table for snuggling. Maybe. Feed nutritious Natural Purrz and Fuel the Love.

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