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Best Food Toppers

Using food toppers is a fantastic way to provide essential vitamins, minerals and fiber for your pet. This can help with proper nutrition and a happier, healthier life. Just add some of these best food toppers we have to offer daily to your companions meals and your beloved furry friend will thank you!
Simply Wild Salmon Oil is naturally nutrient rich and full of omega fatty acids that help to improve your pet's overall health. Omega fatty acids are naturally anti-inflammatory and can promote healthy joints.
Syner-GŪ is a food enzyme supplement that aids in digestion and nutrient absorption. Also helps with gas reduction, bloating, allergies and shedding in dogs and cats. Syner-G is a supplement that can effectively improve the overall health of dogs and cats.
Liver Bits for Dogs are freeze dried training treats that are 100% natural and absolutely irresistible to dogs! Liver Bits are rich in protein and preservative free. Great to give as a reward or sprinkled on food for extra flavor!
Real Food Toppers sources its liver from US human grade facilities that are inspected and approved by the USDA. Because it is an exceptionally nutrient-dense food full of vitamins, riboflavin, zinc, protein, niacin, iron and phosphorus, Mother Nature designed pets to thrive on liver.
Gimborn's treats maintains the aroma, full flavor, and nutritional value of pure beef liver. Conveniently cubed into Reward Size Treats, Pro-Treats Freeze Dried Liver Treats are an excellent obedience and training tool. Rich in protein. Do not moisten treats. Small pieces may be sprinkled on food for extra flavor and nutrition.
Cat-man-Doo Sprinkles is a healthy food additive made of dried Bonito. Can-Man-Doo is all natural and completely organic. Not just for cats, dogs love the crushed dried Bonito flakes too! Cat-Man-Doo is veterinarian recommended and is low in calories with zero fat.
Cat Man Doo Extra Large Bonito Flakes are just that. Our Bonito Flakes are two to three times larger than that of our competitors. Cat-Man-Doo now offers the one and only stay-fresh nitrogen sealed container on the market. This makes our Bonito Flakes comparable to no other!
Kitty Kuisine is an all-natural fish treat for cats of all ages. It possesses a strong fish-like aroma, which entices all felines. Kitty Kuisine is a good source of taurine (39%). Taurine is used in body growth and tissue repair.