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Beyonce the Dog

Who is Beyonce the Dog?

Beyonce the dog is known around the world for her small size. Beyonce was born prematurely and weighed just one ounce after her birth. Though Beyonce has obviously grown since then, she still enjoys her time in the public eye.

Beyonce received her name for being a "Survivor" when she managed to pull through despite a premature birth. The ordeal left her small enough to become a contender for the World's Smallest Dog in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Claim to Fame:

Beyonce is famous for being one of the smallest dogs to see the light of day. She is currently one of only three contenders for the title of World's Smallest Dog, which can only be given to a dog who has reached one year of age.

How Famous is She?

Beyonce has been featured in a wide variety of news publications and magazines, including People, Huffington Post and ABC News.