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Furry Friends Face-off

This contest has ended, but we would like to congratulate Donna Chiappini who won the $100 EntirelyPets Gift Card!
Most voted pet is Grumpy Cat!


Who's Your Favorite?

The Internet is full of adorable animals and memorable memes, but only a few hold a special place in our hearts and only one can be our favorite. So who is the most beloved pet on the Internet, anyway? EntirelyPets ventures to find out with our Meme Madness Tournament. Vote for your favorite viral pets each week and find out who's the most beloved pet on the web!

1. Trotter

9. Oskar the Blind Cat

2. Menswear Dog

10. Mishka

3. Beyonce the Dog

11. Lil Bub

4. Nala the Cat

12. Colonel Meow

5. Doge

13. Beast

6. Nyan Cat

14. Boo the Dog

7. Hipster Dog

15. Business Cat

8. Hamilton the Hipster Cat

16. Grumpy Cat

Vote now and Share on Facebook for a Chance to Win a $100 Gift Card!

Voting Ends Monday April 7. Winner announced April 8.

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