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In Clover BioBrilliant Powder, 85-g

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In Clover BioBrilliant Powder is scientifically formulated, and clinically tested to be a beneficial product for your pet's daily dental care routine. All natural ingredients are formulated by our biochemist to work together to stop the bacteria that promote plaque and tarter in the mouth, freshen breath, and polish teeth helping your pet sport his pearly whites! Simply shake it on food at feeding time!

Key Benefits:

  • NO TOOTHBRUSH NEEDED: BioBrilliant is a natural, 100% active ingredient pet dental health supplement powder that works to helps remineralize your pet's teeth, aiding in keeping them strong and healthy without the need for toothbrushes and messy toothpaste. BioBrilliant's tasty formula is loved by dogs and cats, and you will love it too as it's so easy to use! Simply sprinkle it on your pet's food at feeding time. BioBrilliant works with raw food, cat food, wet and dry dog food and is made with natural ingredients that work in tandem to help dissolve the plaque and tartar sticking to your pet's teeth.
  • DOES MY PET NEED THIS? The American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that 85% of all pets develop periodontal disease by age 3. BioBrilliant is a scientifically formulated as a daily dental powder supplement to help protect your pet's pearly whites and sweeten their breath. Tasty and easy to use (sprinkle at mealtime daily) BioBrilliant is a powder dental supplement that is great for dogs and cats of all ages and all life stages and can be sprinkled on all food types for cats and dogs before daily mealtime.
  • 100% ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: BioBrilliant is a great dental health supplement solution for dogs and cats that is made with quality, 100% active ingredients to promote and support your pet's dental health. Kelp, Goat Milk Whey, Green Tea, Anise, Coconut, Yucca, Papaya, Calcium Bentonite and Inulin all work together to help your pet's pearly whites stay shining and strong keeping them comfortable and smiling with sweetened breath for more boops and slobbery kisses.
  • SUSTAINABLY SOURCED INGREDIENTS MANUFACTURED IN THE USA: In alignment with our our Company Mission, and as part of our ongoing sustainability efforts, we follow strict standards of quality for ALL InClover products, for ourselves and the partners that help bring InClover products from our offices to your homes. Our standards include affordable and clean energy, along with responsible consumption and production ensuring the highest quality for you and your furry family members.
  • WHAT'S SO GREAT ABOUT GOAT'S MILK? Whey from goat's milk is a very important, multifunctional ingredient in BioBrilliant that works to support the dental health of your cat and dog. The dried whey provides gentle remineralization of the tooth, to help support a healthy enamel layer. This special whey also increases saliva function in the mouth to help flush away food particles before they stick to the teeth. Whey has less lactose, less sodium, increased digestibility and no starch.

    Our Whey is locally sourced from Washington and we can ensure you, is produced from the CUTEST goats.

  • NASC CERTIFIED: Ensuring the highest quality is important when our pets' health is on the line. All InClover products, including BioBrilliant, go through strict evaluation procedures by the NASC. The National Supplement Council is a non-profit trade association dedicated to promoting the health and wellbeing of all companion animals and to protect and enhance the health supplement industry. As an NASC member, we commit ourselves to these quality standards for BioBrilliant, and all InClover products.

Scientifically Formulated

The American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that 85% of all pets will have periodontal disease by age 3. InClover created BioBrilliant, a scientifically formulated, clinically tested product to use daily as part of dental care routine for your pet. BioBrilliant's tasty, all-natural formula is multi-functional to freshen breath, help reduce plaque and tarter build up, and remineralize and polish teeth. BioBrilliant is tasty, and loved by dogs and cats of any age!

Useful Information

Directions for Use
For Dogs:
Weight Amount
10-20 lbs tsp daily (1 "shake")
20-40 lbs 1 tsp daily (2 "shakes")
40-60 lbs 1 tsp daily (3 "shakes")
60-80 lb. 2 tsp daily (4 "shakes")
For Cats:
5-15 lbs ? tsp (1 "light shake")

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