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Bitter Apple Spray for DOGS (8 oz)

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Grannick's Bitter Apple is a taste deterrent and training aid for dogs. Discourages fur biting, hair chewing, and hot spots.

Customer Reviews

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By moogie
March 7, 2016
Not for our Hound
The chewing dog at issue here did not like the taste but this did not stop her from Chewing the hardwood or the cushions she makes her own. She is relentless a chewer so she may not be the best test case. This might work for other dogs
By Connie
Allegan, MI
April 16, 2015
Apple Bitter Spray
Was hoping our puppy would stay away from the
spray. The old dog stayed away, but the puppy
that eats EVERYTHING thought that it tasted
pretty good and ate the arm off the sofa after we
sprayed it with apple bitter. I think it would work
okay with dogs that were not super strong
chewers, like the one we have.
By Deanie
Whitesburg, Ga.
March 31, 2015
bitter apple
Purchased to stop 7 month old wild child from biting at recommendation of trainer. She licks off the bitter apple and then bites.
By Sadie
December 28, 2013
Avoid spillage
Jack, my little miniSchnauzer, is the only one of my four dogs, who seems to feel that marking territory in the house is necessary. I have a pit, a Beauceron-Bern Mountain, and a Pharoah-Ibezan who all have no problem going outside. This bitter apple has made it more difficult for Jack to find something vertical to use. It's been great!
By Toby
Southern California
October 26, 2013
Works very well
We use this on our adventurous Cocker Spaniel . Her name is Boo-Boo, and she sometimes gets itchy after returning from a long walk. She hates the taste and smell, so immediately stops scratching and licking.
By gsdsteph
Oskaloosa, KS
August 25, 2013
Not too effective for my GSD
Purchased this product to compare with another. My GSD pupster raids our bedroom trash cans! The other product was more effective.
Bitter Apple was average as a deterrent. Different dogs, different deterrents.
By bootsnsaddles
November 4, 2011
very smooth transaction
product seems to be working on my poodle that chews her foot. Very happy with price and shipping.
By glamarspa
June 2, 2010
:-( My dog love it!!!!!
And of course he keeps biting!!! So for me it doesn't work!! Well, is either that or that my dog is very, very special!! hahahaha
By Ellen
June 9, 2009
It works!
I adopted 2 dogs & when left alone together, they tend to tear up furniture...indoor and outdoor. After applying this spray, they left the furniture alone. You do have to use it each day...but after a few days, they learn to leave it alone and you won't need it anymore.

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