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Boo the Dog

Who is Boo the Dog?

Boo, described as "The World's Cutest Dog" by his owner, is a Pomeranian that became an Internet sensation when his owner posted pictures of Boo to the web. Boo was quickly discovered and brought into the public eye by various celebrities.

As Boo's reputation grew, his followers were rewarded with more content. Boo the Dog became the subject of two books and was immortalized with a stuffed animal made in his image.

Claim to Fame:

Boo is unique as an internet sensation by being successful on the sole merit of cuteness. Though Boo's most noticeable physical features include his overall small stature paired with an adorably large forehead, these are merely minutia in the overall package that is the cutest dog on the Internet (or at least according to Khloe Kardishian).

How Famous is He?

In addition to receiving shout outs from Ke$ha and Khloe, Boo has over 8 million fans on Facebook and has been given the title of the "official spokesdog" for Virgin America Airlines.