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Brodey (6/14/10)

Name: Brodey
Breed: Pet Bull
Submitted by: Amanda C.
Location: San Fernando Valley, CA

Brodey is a black pit bull. When my daughter Amanda asked if she could keep him at our house because his family couldn’t keep him, my answer was a quick firm, “No, he’s a pit bull.” She explained that he was a great little dog; he was only a couple of months old at the time so of course he was small!

She promised all the typical things: she would take care of him, buy his food, make sure that his poop was picked up, etc. I didn’t want to hear it, he was a pit bull after all. I let him stay overnight but I didn’t want to know he was there, he was a pit bull after all.

OK, you can tell by the picture he’s really cute, his ears flop in different directions, like a boy who doesn’t care when his hair is messed up. He’s extremely intelligent – he prefers “Animal Planet” but indulges us by watching “Bones” when we want to. He has his own couch to sit on although he’d love to sit on ours and asks frequently. You see, he talks to us all the time. No, I’m not some super eccentric “dog lady”, this dog talks when he’s happy, hungry, or wants your attention. The best thing - when he likes you, he sits on your feet, he’s a pit bull after all.

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