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Business Cat

Who is Business Cat?

Business Cat was once one lone cat wearing one dapper tie. But soon enough, this cat would be juxtaposed on a multi-color background and become an "Advice Dog"-style meme. This meme would quickly proliferate throughout the web with new variations.

Business Cat transcends meme boundaries with an Advice Dog/LOLcat mash-up that web surfers love. He has inspired many a post on Reddit and other forums and is still a popular meme today.

Claim to Fame:

Business Cat has a simple formula that is in line with the typical advice dog meme. The top line begins with a simple expression one might hear in the workplace while the second line delivers the punch line by turning the thought into something cat related. This is accomplished wither by an atypical reaction to the first line or a pun.

How Famous is He?

Though not many know the cat behind the meme, Emilio's image has been used across the web as the standard image for the Business Cat meme. This image has appeared in multiple variations across many websites and is well-known in communities that regularly post memes. However, because Emilio/business cat does not have his own page, it is difficult to measure exactly how popular he is.