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How to Keep Your Pet Calm and Comfortable This Holiday Season

Pet Comfortable

Pet Calming

Though products like Urinase can help clean up after your petís blunders, it can be a hassle to perpetually pick up after a pernicious pet. It can save you time and effort to relieve your petís anxiety instead of dealing with the destruction it causes. Here at EntirelyPets, we have all of the products needed to calm both cats and dogs to ensure that your holiday celebrations go off without a hitch.

Calm the Savage Beast Within the Comfort of Your Home!

Calming treats and supplements can help put your pet at ease with healthy and natural ingredients. Vetri-Science Composure Bite-Sized Chews are an ideal way to assuage a fussy feline, while Bonies Calming Formula Treats are perfect for pacifying destructive dogs. In addition to providing your pet with nutrients that ease stress, these treats are also formulated with fantastic flavors that brighten even the most bitter of moods.

But pets that need to watch their weight or that have tummy troubles may fare better with a calming supplement. Though they are also available as soft chews, Tranquil tabs offer a calming solution in an easy-to-administer tablet that calms pets while promoting a healthy nervous system. For pets that prefer their supplements in liquid form, HomeoPet Anxiety Relief is clinically proven to reduce anxiety and the behaviors it causes.

For a more indirect approach, sprays, wipes, and diffusers that use pheromones can calm pets when applied to their environment. Pheromones are natural chemicals that animals produce to communicate with members of the same species; these chemicals elicit a physiological response that changes an animalís emotional state. Adaptil and Feliway products use these synthetic chemicals to placate dogs and cats by signaling that an area is safe.

Keep Your Pet Warm & Cozy While Indoors

Physical discomfort can also be a cause of bad behavior in pets. If your pet is repeatedly entering and exiting the warm comfort of home to do his business in the frigid weather then he may be suffering from the stress that these temperature changes place on skin and nails. You can reduce this discomfort by cutting his nails with the proper trimmer and by removing ice or moisture from his fur and paws with a clean towel when he reenters the home.

Another great way to prevent your furry friend from acting out is to ensure that they are too cozy to move about the house. A comfy bed can provide the perfect resting place during the holiday season and can be further improved with an electronic heating pad. When your pet needs to go outdoors or otherwise leave the idyllic habitat youíve created, a sweater can keep him warm while providing a stylish look for the winter season.

Dogs can also benefit from Pawz Dog Boots that shield their paws from the cold ground; whereas both cats and canines can benefit from Musherís Secret Paw Protection, a wax made specifically to shield paws from extreme conditions. If your pet does suffer from blistered or otherwise injured paws, you may have to bandage these wounds before your pet can comfortably use these products. You can find the tools necessary to treat injured paws in our pre-made first aid kit.

These tips should help keep even the most rambunctious of pets both calm and comfortable during the cold season. But all the anxiety relief in the world wonít prevent your pet from making messes if stress is not the cause of their behavior. Sometimes, symptoms of stress and anxiety can actually be caused by painful health conditions. Urinary tract disorders in particular can cause many of the same symptoms as anxiety and stress.

A pet suffering from urinary tract disease may not be able to control their bladder and act out as a result of painful polyps or urinary stones. K-Plus Potassium Citrate Plus Cranberry supports the healthy function of urinary tracts in both cats and dogs. This is crucial to your petís comfort. Dogs can also benefit from Contone, which includes herbs and nutrients that support a healthy bladder in canines.

If you suspect that your pet is already suffering from urinary tract disease, it is important to seek treatment from your veterinarian as soon as possible, as conditions of this nature can be extremely uncomfortable and often get worse if not treated immediately. We hope that you keep this in mind to keep your pet healthy throughout the holidays- but if you have any questions or comments about these tips or a cold-season problem that we did not address, donít hesitate to leave a comment below!

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