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Canidae Dry Cat Food

Canidae Life Stages Indoor Chicken Rice Cat Food is a nutritious formula that is perfect for indoor cats. Indoor cats are often less active than other pets, which means that they may need a diet that has few calories and that is low in fat. This formula combines the palatable flavor of chicken with an assortment of nutrient-rich ingredients that were selected to form a nutritionally balanced meal.

Canidae Life Stages Indoor Chicken Cat Food contains an abundance of fiber to ensure that your cat's hairballs are under control. This formula is perfect for cats of all ages, including kittens and senior cats. Your cat will love this food and you'll love the way it keeps him healthy- so order now!

Key Features:
  • Contains probiotics, omega fatty acids, antioxidants to improve your cat's health
  • High in fiber to combat hairballs
  • Low in calories and fat for overweight cats