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Chondro Flex (180 Chewable Tablets)

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Chondro Flex is a joint support supplement formulated specifically for dogs and cats. It is designed to promote healthy joint function, reduce joint discomfort, and support overall mobility in pets.

Chondro Flex contains a combination of ingredients that work synergistically to support joint health in dogs and cats. It typically comes in the form of chewable tablets or soft chews, making it easy to administer to pets. The supplement is often recommended for pets with aging joints, joint stiffness, or those recovering from joint-related injuries or surgeries.

Key Benefits:

  1. Joint Support: Chondro Flex contains glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, which are essential building blocks for healthy cartilage. These ingredients help maintain the integrity of joint structures and support optimal joint function.
  2. Joint Comfort: Chondro Flex also includes ingredients like MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) and hyaluronic acid, which have beneificial properties. They can help reduce joint discomfort and promote a more comfortable range of motion in dogs and cats.
  3. Improved Mobility: By providing the necessary nutrients for joint health, Chondro Flex can help improve mobility in pets. It supports their ability to walk, run, jump, and engage in physical activities with greater ease and flexibility.
  4. Cartilage Protection: The antioxidants in Chondro Flex, such as vitamin C and manganese, help protect cartilage from oxidative damage. This can be particularly beneficial for aging pets or those with joint conditions, as it supports the longevity of joint health.
  5. Overall Joint Health: Chondro Flex offers comprehensive support for overall joint health. Its ingredients work together to nourish and protect joints, promote cartilage development and repair, and maintain healthy joint function over time.

It's important to note that while Chondro Flex can provide significant benefits for joint health in dogs and cats, individual results may vary. It is always advisable to consult with a veterinarian before starting any new supplement regimen for your pet, to ensure it is appropriate for their specific needs and health condition.

Proprietary Blend of Ingredients:

Chondro Flex is a powerful joint care formula that provides maximum nutritional support for dogs and cats with a predisposition to degenerative joint disorders. Chondro Flex contains the highest quality Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Ester-C?, and chelated minerals to effectively reduce inflammation and support the maintenance and repair process of connective tissue.

Active Ingredients:

Glucosamine and Chondroitin help keep joints and connective tissues resilient, lubricated, and mobile. Chondroitin is also necessary for healthy cartilage as it absorbs water to keep the cartilage hydrated and cushioned.

Anti-Inflammatory Agents & Antioxidants:

Chondro Flex contains MSM, an organic form of sulfur. Healthy connective tissues and cartilage contain proteins with flexible sulfur bonds. Once the sulfur combines with glucosamine and chondroitin, they form collagen, a substance that gives cartilage its structure and flexibility. Antioxidants also play a significant role in the overall health of your pet and its joints. Vitamin C helps heal and construct cartilage to keep your pets mobile and happy.


Active Ingredients (1 per chewable tablet)
Glucosamine HCI (marine source) 500 mg
MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) 250 mg
Sodium Chondrotin Sulfate (porcine source) 444 mg
Ascorbate (Manganese Ascorbate) 66 mg
Manganese (Ascorbate) 10 mg

Inactive Ingredients:

Dibasic calcium phosphate, Hydrolyzed vegetable protein, Magnesium stearate, Microcrystalline cellulose, Pork liver powder, Silica (Amorphous), Stearic acid

Useful Information

Initial Administration (8 weeks) Maintenance
Cats administer ½ tablet twice daily. Cats administer ½ tablet daily.
Dogs under 30 lbs. - 2 tablets daily. Dogs under 30 lbs. 1 tablet daily.
Dogs 30.1-60 lbs - 3 tablets daily. Dogs 30.1-60 lbs. 2 tablets daily.
Dogs 60.1-100 lbs. - 4 tablets daily. Dogs 60.1-100 lbs. 4 tablets daily.
Dogs 100 lbs.- 5 tablets daily. Dogs 100 lbs. - 5 tablets daily.


Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. Consult with your veterinarian before using this product in animals with clotting disorders; being treated with anticoagulant medications; diabetes or any metabolic disorder causing hyperglycemia; history of urinary tract stones; known allergy to shellfish. If lameness worsens, discontinue use and contact your veterinarian. Administer during or after the animal has eaten to reduce incidence of gastrointestinal upset. Federal law prohibits the off-label use of this product in ruminants. An examination from a veterinarian is recommended prior to using this product.

For Use in Dogs and Cats Only.

Recommended to support healthy joint function in dogs and cats. May help alleviate the discomfort associated with normal daily exercise and activity.


For animal use only. Keep out of reach of children and other animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.


Store at controlled room temperature.

Customer Reviews

Review Summary
45 Reviews
87% (39)
9% (4)
2% (1)
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98% Recommend this product (44 of 45 responses)
Review for Chondro-FLEX (180 Chewable Tablets)
March 25, 2016
My dog loves these tablets. Would eat them all at one if given the choice. We call them his "candy".
By rich
Excellent for healty joints
October 14, 2015
I have been giving Chodroflex to our dog since we adopted her. I am sure it helps her.
By Owned S.
Trying to stay off drugs
May 11, 2015
I've been giving my 13 year old Sheltie Chondro Flex for several years, along with AllerG-3 and yucca root powder to control his arthritis stiffness and pain. So far, it's working ... and I like to think it's better for him than the NSAID and/or narcotic drugs. I expect I might get to that level some day but for now Chondro Flex is a key part of his health routine and as I said, it's working.
By Bandit
Golden, CO
Works Wonders!
April 7, 2015
The Chondro Flex chewables works wonders for my American Bulldog. We recently went out of town and forgot to take the supplements with us and within three days, Bandit was obviously in pain. We were able to get a small supply at a local vet and within 24 hours he was back to his old self, jumping into the truck with ease!
By cc3323
Kenosha, wi
Great product
March 8, 2015
This product was recommended by my vet. It works great. My Gracie, a collie, is moving around very well.
By Anzapole
Warsaw, OH
Seems to help
August 11, 2014
I have two 6 year old Rottweilers. one of which has 80% hip dysplasia. I didn't like having him on 2000mg Rimadyl daily and this product was recommended to me by our vet. She was concerned that the Rimadyl would only cause liver or stomach problems later on. She said to try the Chondro-Flex and use the Rimadyl only when needed. Both my dogs are very active and I have noticed an improvement in the male. His ability to run and play has increased even after only 6 weeks. I am now giving these to both dogs and recommend it to any dog owner who can't bear to think of their dog suffering any discomfort. As a plus, they both love the taste and I have no problem getting them to take the tablets.
By Jul
June 28, 2014
My dog has hip displaysia and a bad right knee... the Vet said she wouldn't live past 4 years old. She is now 11 and quick as a bunny with the help of Chondroflex twice/day. Had been purchasing this from the Vet at 3X's the price. Love Entirely Pets with helpful Customer Service Reps!
By Marlene
Mountain Home, Idaho
Best product ever.
April 5, 2014
My Gordon Setter "Elvis" needs to take these four times a day. He loves them. There is no Hiding the pill in a ball of hamburger. I am so happy with them. It makes life so much easier.
I highly recommend them ..I will continue purchasing these .Fast shipping and easy ordering .
Thank You,
By Angel
Works wonders for my dog!
February 11, 2014
My American Bulldog, Bandit, was having trouble with his knees and the vet said surgery was necessary ($3000 and six weeks recovery time). We went to another vet for a second opinion and were given Chondro-Flex, which contains Glucosamine & Chondroitin. Bandit is up an running like a puppy again! He also loves the taste. What a great product!
By MrsF
Clarkston, Wa
Works Great!
December 31, 2013
I have two labs who are getting up there in age, when ever they would get up after laying down for awhile they would gimp around for a little bit while they worked out all of the kinks and stiffness in their joints. I started noticing a difference after about two weeks being on the Chondro Flex, they were moving better and had more energy because they felt better. Now I don't notice any issues with their movements getting up and down and they are ready to play anytime!
By dkbert
awesome service
October 7, 2013
Our Golden Retriever tore both ACL's last winter and our vet put him on Chonro Flex. I started searching for it on line and found EntirelyPets. It is by far the cheapest with excellant and fast service !!!

thank you
By mare516
The Villages, FL
Chondro Flex 180
July 31, 2013
My Pet has arthritis in her hind legs and the Vet recommended putting her on Chondro Flex 180. She has been on it for at least 90 days and I can tell the difference.

I hope anyone who has a pet with arthritis tries this product first before putting there pet on any type of medication.
By Snowhite17
Lockport, NY
Great product for reasonable price
July 23, 2013
Our Goldendoodle takes Chondroflex and it is working. She has hip issues.
By Pegg
Elkview, WV
Glad to find a trusted product at a lower price!
July 23, 2013
Have used Chondro Flex for years since our Corgis have had hip problems. This product is what our vet has recommended as "the best" and we've purchased it from the clinic. Was glad to find the product at a less expensive price through you.
By Rick O.
Gasport NY
Joint Meds.
April 17, 2013
Sadie has been on chondoflex ever since she had double knee surgery.
The vet perscribed this brand and Sadie has been on them 3 a day for 8 years now at 12 years she is still pretty mobile and gets around great
By sheri c.
chondro flex
January 30, 2013
I have an 11yr.old lab who was limping on her rt. frt. leg when getting up. since she has been on C.F. she is doing great! It took a couple of weeks to have full effect,but like most supplements, that is normal. I am a dog groomer and tell my clients who have older dogs or dogs with joint issues about C.F.
By Terry
Excellent product
January 8, 2013
I have been buying glucosamine tablets for my dog for years. She is a senior golden retriever who has hip problems, but since she has been taking them she acts most times like a puppy. I have recommended these pills to friends over the years & they were very pleased as to how their pets responded. Keep selling wonderful products.
By alicialee
Port Orange FL
helps like a charm
December 26, 2012
product was recommended to be by a chance meeting of an ortho vet I literally ran into at a park. My baby was limping, that was 9 years ago. She has since been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis but new vet said to keep her on the chondro flex, Tried changing to a different make, she hated it but eats her chondro flex like a favorite bite of chicken
By Jan
Review for Chondro-FLEX (180 Chewable Tablets)
October 29, 2012
Good price, arrived quickly. My wheaten will eat one with a meal like it is a treat.
By mt2228f
Good product
October 23, 2012
Great price on the product. Very fast shipping. Our dog is more able to move around and exhibits less pain when he plays with other animals.
By JKaz
It works very well
October 22, 2012
My dog has stopped limping for the most part. He takes it 2 times a day. I took about 6 weeks to work but it does work.
By Rick
Gasport NY
It really helps our Sadie
August 5, 2012
Sadie is a medium size collie/shepard mix and at 10 yrs old.
She had both knees replaced at around 5years old and has been on chondoflex 3 times a day ever since. we go for our walk every morning and she is just doing fine with the suppliment.
Thanks Chondoflex
By Don
Lincoln, NE
Chondro Flex (180 tablets) CHEWABLES
July 20, 2012
Same product that we purchased from our vet. we paid less for 2 bottles (180 tab per bottle) than 1 bottle of 180 tab at vet's office. We will definitely be return customers.
By jfinnman
Excellent Product @ a great price.
July 16, 2012
I bought a bottle from my vet before I found out I could buy exactly the same product from Entirely Pets for half the price!
By Multi-dog o.
Beware of the damage in shipping this in pill form
June 20, 2012
My vet prescribes this stuff, but I thought I'd get a better deal buying online. Because it is in pill form, it doesn't ship well. This is the second time I've ordered it, and it arrived mostly in tiny pieces, breaking up due to the bashing around of the parcel, and by the time you're at the bottom of the container, it's 1/4 inch of pure dust.
By Ina
suttisfied whith all products We used untill now
June 8, 2012
So far we have mostly used the Chondroflex tbl, because the dog running the agility has 9 years and osteoarthritis disks. Tablet helpes extraordinary ease of movement and for the moment the disease has stagnated.
By Donna
April 26, 2012
My dog tore her acl and vet told me it would cost in the thousand to fix it. They told me that she would be ok walking on three legs, but would never walk on that leg. I started giving her the Chondroflex and today you could never tell she even tore her acl. I am a firm believer in this and have seen same results in dogs with hip problems. It is simply Wonderful!!!!!
By Rick
Gasport , N.Y.
Joint relef
April 8, 2012
sadie had tendon rebuild surgery in both rear knees which caused stiffness getting up and down . Chondoflex which she gets 3 times aday has helped extremly well in her mobility from joint stiffness due to surgery and her age.
This is a great product for stiffness and joint maintenence.
By Steamboat G.
Steamboat Springs, CO
My Lab loves these!
April 2, 2012
When you need to use these Condro Flex tablets, these are great. My lab thinks they are a treat and she is picky, turns down treats.
Bear, DE
Chondro-Flex has changed
March 16, 2012
I have used this for over 10 years for my dogs.
The last 2 bottles I have gotten, the size of the pills has changed. They are the same round size, but not as thick as they have been. Price hasn't gone down.

I wonder if they are still the same potency.


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