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Chili (8/2/10)

Pet of the Week

Pet of the Week winner
Name: Chili
Breed: Entlebucher Mountain Dog
Submitted by: Alyson & Kyle Foust
Location: Bozeman, MT

Chili is an Entlebucher sennenhund, the smallest of the swiss mountain dog family, which includes the Bernese mountain dog as well as the greater swiss, and the appenzeller. My husband and I fell in love with my sister’s greater swiss mountain dog, Auggie, who was a 120 pound sweetheart. Researching breeds we read about the entlebucher, who was the perfect size for us at 50 pounds.

Plans were set to fly our new puppy some 1500 miles to us in Montana, and we were heartbroken to hear that the little guy had a heart murmur. Needless to say we decided to take chili, as somewhat of a rescue case. Next thing we knew our “free” dog was off to washington on a road trip for heart surgery. His pulmonic stenosis was corrected and then the real challenge began; trying to keep a 3 month old puppy “calm” for 2 weeks!

Chili has just turned one year old, and he has become a wonderful member of the family. Chili has proved to be a loving, playful dog who is a smart, fast learner. He loves exercise, and has the stamina to go as far as you will take him. He recently began swimming and has the time of his life wading in the nearby streams or just playing in the kiddie pool in the back yard.

Chili loves squeaky toys and is getting better at bringing in the paper. He loves meeting new dogs at Cooper park, the local dog hangout. Bad habits include sneaking into bed at night, and destroying any chew toy known to man. Family members have noted his strength during tug-o-war as that of a mastiff. Chili has a very gentle temperament; he loves his family, and is a great guard dog. He always has a big smile on his face, and loves to give the “turned head” pose, as if to question what his humans are talking about.

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