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Choosing the Right Kind of Dog Food

Don't overfeed, dogs tend to forget if they are full and will eat whenever anyone offers food. Overweight dogs have many health problems that curb their long life.
Consult your Vet and set up a feeding schedule for your dog. They thrive best with a routine.
Never give table scraps or human food to dogs. A lot of human food including onions, garlic, chocolates, coffee etc. is toxic to dogs. Read our full list of Toxic foods for dogs.
Start with a small bag or sample bag of pet food to make sure your dog will like it or does not develop any allergies to it. Be prepared to introduce other brands based on their health needs.

This is the most common type of pet food available. There are many advantages to feeding dry dog food. It is easier to store and serve, low cost, benefits your dog's teeth and gums because they have to chew harder and it does not go bad easily. If you are away from your dog for a longer period of time, it will also stay out in their bowl longer without going bad. However, it is essential to check ingredients as some dry dog food has fillers which don't provide the best nutrition. Dry dog food also tends to be high in gluten. Mix up the dry and wet dog food for a balanced diet.

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Wet dog food may sound like a lot of mess to clean up after feeding, but it actually contains more protein and more moisture which helps in hydration and is good for your dog's urinary tract. Many dogs find the taste more appealing to their palate. It also has a long shelf life as long as it is unopened. However, some drawbacks are that dogs can gain more weight with canned or wet food. Once it is opened, it has a low shelf life and must be refrigerated. Canned food or wet food is recommended for senior dogs and puppies, since it is easy on their teeth and can also stimulate their appetite. It is recommended to give wet dog food as a complement to dry food for a balanced diet.

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Dogs need a lot of high protein food. Grain-free food is recommended for active dogs, dogs that need a lot of energy and protein. If you have a house dog, grain-free diet might cause them to gain excess weight. A lot of dry dog food will contain grains and rice, and not enough protein that dogs need. A good grain-free dog food will contain freeze dried or chunks of real meat and vegetables. Grain-free food is often recommended for pregnant dogs and lactating dogs to provide enough energy to produce healthy puppies.

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The whole organic movement is taking us by storm lately. Pet owners generally want to feed their dog the best food available. Organic pet foods have advantages like no flavorings, colorings or preservatives are used in making of these pet foods. Also the meat and meat by products used are antibiotic and hormone free. Organic food is especially beneficial to dogs with sensitive stomach or simply for a family following an organic lifestyle

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Just like humans, dogs can also have food allergies. The most common symptom that your dog is allergic to its food is diarrhea or gastrointestinal problems. The most common allergens are daily, egg, wheat, soy and even meats like beef, chicken, lamb, pork and fish. Talk to your Vet about what could be triggering the allergies in your dog and they might be able to isolate the food.

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The most common problem senior dogs face is that they lose interest in food. As the pet ages, their eating habits and dietary needs change. Senior dogs generally need a low- calorie diet to help prevent obesity and higher fiber to help with gastrointestinal health. Wet food is recommended for senior dogs because it keeps them hydrated.

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Introducing puppies to the right food can be a daunting task, simply because they are transitioning from weaning off. Giving them a good start in life is essential so you can be sure they will grow up to be happy and healthy. Feeding puppies regular food is a mistake, specialized puppy food has all the right nutrients to meet the growth and development requirements of puppies. They need increased amount of protein and calcium compared to adult dogs.

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