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Chuckit! Treat Tote

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The Chuckit! Treat Tote is the ideal solution to training and encouraging your dog anytime and anywhere with treats. This unique product provides a pouch specifically designed to hold dog treats in a container that is lightweight and easy to transport. This pouch comes with a drawstring to close the bag and ensure that treats do not spill. Additionally, the pouch comes with a clip that allows it to easily to attach to your belt or pants.

The Chuckit! Treat Tote is ideal for training young pups when positive actions need to be readily enforced. Though this tote is built to hold two cups of dog treats, there is also a smaller size available that holds 1 cup. You'll love the convenience offered by Chuckit! Treat Totes, so buy one today!

Key Features:
  • Holds 2 cups of treats
  • Pull tie makes it easy to close and open
  • Clip makes it easy to attach to belt or pocket
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