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Tired of stooping down to pick up a slobbery tennis ball? The

Chuckit! Ball Launcher

takes care of that problem with a cleverly designed way to scoop up your dog's ball. All you have to do is hold the long plastic handle and put the claw at the end of the ball thrower over the ball. Press down, and the claw will pick up the ball and hold onto it. When you're ready, just launch the ball and repeat the pickup process. The Chuckit! Ball Launcher provides you with a way to play fetch with your dog for a much longer period of time. The launcher does most of the work, so your arm won't get sore and achy from throwing the ball again and again. This product is meant to be used in an area with plenty of space, so head to the local park unless you have a large backyard.

Chuckit! Ball Launchers come in several sizes, so they can be used with small, medium and large dogs. The ball thrower sizes range from a 12 inches to 26 inches. They're also available in a variety of colors. This product is made from plastic that's lightweight yet durable. It's not heavy to hold, and it won't break easily. The size of tennis ball you use depends on which size ball thrower you end up getting. Chuckit! also has an assortment of balls that fit perfectly with the right launcher. They even have ones that glow in the dark, so you don't have to worry about losing them when you play fetch at night.