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Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Maximum Strength Chewable Tablets  (132 Count) Video
Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Maximum Strength Chewable Tablets  (132 Count) Video

Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Maximum Strength Chewable Tablets (132 Count)

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Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Maximum Strength Chewable Tablets assists joint health in dogs using a proven safe, effective and bioavailable formula. This potent formula contains TRH122 chondroitin sulfate, FCHG49 glucosamine, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) and manganese ascorbate to support and maintain healthy joints for your dog.

Proven results and high standards
Cosequin features an exclusive formula that has been shown to be safe, effective, and bioavailable in peer-review, published, controlled, U.S. veterinary studies. Manufacturing is done in the United States and follows standards similar to those practiced by the pharmaceutical industry. These results all contribute to Cosequin being the #1 veterinarian recommended brand!

Which dogs benefit from Cosequin?
Joint health assistance isn't only necessary for senior dogs. If you notice your dog having difficulty with strenuous activity, such as walking up stairs or jumping up to bed, your dog may benefit from Cosequin DS.

Safe formula
Studies conducted to check the safety of Cosequin have shown no adverse effects in blood work parameters, including complete blood count, biochemical, and clotting values.

High standards and proven results have earned Cosequin a high reputation among veterinarians and is the #1 recommended brand.

  • Glucosamine/chondroitin sulfate supplement
  • MSM added for total joint support
  • Supports cartilage production
  • Proven results
  • Manufactured using high standards
  • Ingredients

    Guaranteed Analysis
    Glucosamine Hydrochloride†(Derived from shellfish) 600 mg
    Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate†(Derive from bovine cartilage) 300 mg▲
    Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 250 mg
    Manganese (Manganese Ascorbate) 3 mg

    Other Ingredients: Brewers dried yeast, dextrose, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, natural & artificial flavors, and silicon dioxide.

    Useful Information

    Weight Initial 4-6 weeks
    Daily Feeding
    Maintenance Daily Feeding
    Under 15 lbs ½ tablet ½ tablet every other day
    16-30 lbs 1 tablet ½ tablet
    31-60 lbs 2 tablets 1 tablet
    Over 60 lbs 3 tablets 1-2 tablets

    Once consistent response has been seen, these maintenance levels may be reduced to every other day. The maintenance level can also be used long-term on healthy dogs to help support their joints.

    Customer Reviews

    80 Reviews
    80% (64)
    16% (13)
    1% (1)
    0% (0)
    3% (2)
    96% Recommend this product (77 of 80 responses)
    By PuppyMommy
    April 16, 2019
    Good product
    Been giving these to my pup for a few months. She loves the flavor and takes them easily.
    By LaLa
    October 6, 2017
    Good product
    Seems to work well,have`nt had any problems with her taking the pills,just toss them into the food dish.Have used other products from this company and they were good also.
    By Suki
    L.A., CA
    April 22, 2017
    It is helping
    Fortunately, my 15 year old GSD mix, Jenny, likes the tablets (my 4 year old Amer. Bulldog mix turns up his nose at them). I am convinced that this supplement is keeping her mobile. I have a friend who takes the same supplement, formulated for people, and she says she can feel the difference, and it is working for her, too.
    By badbarker
    North Florida
    March 29, 2017
    Great Product
    You really can't go wrong with Cosequin. I particularly like that MSM has been added. I have two 13 year old labs, Cosequin DS wth MSM keeps them on the move.
    By 2dawgs
    May 16, 2016
    Works great
    This has really helped our 15 year old beagle mix. He moves much better and has less pain.
    By katmat1234
    Sacramento, CA
    March 18, 2016
    Has Added Years to My Buddy's Life!
    My lab/Sheppard mix is a big guy and well over 100 lbs. Years back, he sliced his knee down to the bone on something while running around my property, requiring emergency surgery and stitches. Although the wound healed nicely, because the cut was so deep, he eventually developed arthritis in that knee that began causing a severe limp and kept him from going with me on my evening runs. After a couple of trips to the vet to diagnose the problem, she recommended starting him on Cosequin. The first bottle I got from the vet was super expensive, but it was less than half the price at Entirely Pets! Within 2 weeks, my Buddy was like a new dog! He is now 13 and showing his age a bit when he gets up in the morning. However, I have no doubt his hind end would have given out on him quite awhile ago had it not been for the Cosequin. It did such miracles on my big guy that even I now take it! Great product! Also, you can't beat Entirely Pets for service. I order a variety of products from them, and the speed of their delivery is amazing. I always get my order either the following day or day after.
    By Grizzly
    January 27, 2016
    it works
    One of my dogs was recently diagnosed with Hip displacia.The Vet recommended to use cosequin to help with the movements of the legs. So far the dog is no longer pain sensitive and runs around like nothing ever happened. After the initial he gets one tablet every day. Since my other dogs are the same age (8 and 9 years), they have gotten on this regimen too (it can't hurt,right?).
    By maggie's m.
    January 19, 2016
    Cosequin DS+MSM
    I give my 11 year old Border Collie Cosequin DS+MSM daily.Used in tandem with an NSAID it helps keep her arthritic hips comfortable year round. Great product!
    By lindagsjsn
    Nanticoke PA
    January 5, 2016
    this product has to be given every other day and you have to give 3 of them to a bigger dog, so this is not financially feasible for my budget, there are other ones out there that will do the same for less i had him on Nuviflex and couldnt get it any more so that is why i switched i would buy it again i went and bought something that will last me for 2 mos not 2 wks for this price
    By Yorkie M.
    Over the Rainbow
    December 14, 2015
    Great Product
    Our vet recommended another product but it was too expensive. This product had been recommended and I feel that it is good quality.
    By stef
    sandwich, IL
    November 15, 2015
    Great Product
    Cosequin is just what it says it is. i've tried other similar products and none work as good as Cosequin DS Plus.... plus the price is great.
    By keith
    October 5, 2015
    My "Big Girl" Loves 'em
    My 10 yr, old Lab. loves them as a treat. She seems to be moving around a little easier. It has only been a couple of weeks, but I think that cosequin DS is helping her.
    By Debi L.
    Lubbock, TX
    September 16, 2015
    Must--have Product
    I have three dogs on this product; 15, 12 & 6. They get so excited when it's time for their pills. Their excitement, improved mobility and spunky attitude makes this a must-have product. Will never be without it.
    By Fairy D.
    Piedmont, CA
    July 29, 2015
    It Keeps 'em Running!
    My senior pit bull-border collie mix has been taking these for a few years now, and she walks and runs with the youngsters many days. My middle-age male pit bull had some injuries because of his overenthusiastic play style, so the vet recommended using these daily for him, too. You would never guess that he's 6 years old.
    By BJ
    Omaha, NE
    June 1, 2015
    Great Dog, Great Product!
    My beautiful giant breed is now 14 years old, and has had joint problems half his life. Cosequin DS with MSM is an economical way to give him the best pain relief possible.
    By Dog L.
    April 15, 2015
    Good stuff!
    I've used Cosequin DS for my dogs for years. Makes a huge difference in their mobility.
    By David B.
    September 5, 2014
    How are you supposed to REALLY know if it works?
    At the end of the day, how are you supposed to know if ANY supplement product works? Maybe if I did monthly x-rays to my dog to watch progress, or hopefully lack there of?

    All I can say is my dog had both ACLs replaced five years ago. (TPLO, knee surgery) She is now 11 and still competes in NADAC agility. I watch her weight, give her Cosequin, and hope for the best. :)

    So far, so good!
    By Chinney's M.
    August 28, 2014
    Truley helps
    My 16 year old black lab was in need for help with her hind quarters in walking. This supplement did what it was advertised. Her walking, getting up and down was improved.
    I also purchased the Joint triple max.
    By Nan
    Seminole, FL
    August 17, 2014
    Really helped an old dog
    Our 13 year old Corgi has been using this product for several years and it seems to make her more comfortable when walking or playing,
    By Nettie
    August 16, 2014
    Really helps
    I believe this stuff really helped my aging dog to be able to move easier. I noticed a difference when I stopped giving it to her and immediately began purchasing it again. I gave it to her every day of her 14 years
    By Suzy
    August 13, 2014
    Wonderful Product!!!
    I believed that my big retriever mix would always have a problem with one of his knees that somehow he had recently injured. I saw the commericial and read the reviews so thought I would take a chance. He has been on it about 6 weeks now and the difference is absolutely amazing. He has no issues with his leg and looks completely healed and healthy. I am only giving him one a day now and he loves the flavor so its not a battle. I am so glad I tried this and helped my dog feel better. Highly recommend!!!
    By ivulture
    February 12, 2014
    I have tried so many glucosamine products and this is the only one my picky GSD will eat.. He now moves freely through the deep snow playing like he did when he was a puppy..
    Great product with an obviously good taste. Thank You
    By nicker
    February 8, 2014
    joint cosequin ds
    My dog is 13 years old now, an adopted, retired racer. He seems to be doing a little better. He loves the taste and thinks it a treat.
    By Gigi
    Queens, New York
    January 23, 2014
    It seems this product did not deliver as it has previously. My chihiuahua, Paco is having a rough time this time around.
    By Tammy
    January 15, 2014
    Bang for your buck
    So far my dog likes the supplement and seems to be getting around better.
    By Suzy
    January 11, 2014
    Great medication
    Within a couple of days I could see the difference in my dog's behavior. She was much more active and almost back to her normal walking!
    By kat
    January 9, 2014
    very helpful
    I have a 180lb Newfoundland I give her 2 a day this seems to make her feel better but only for a short time so I will try uping her dose. I would definitely recommend these to anyone but my dog loves soft chews
    By buddy
    Douglas wyoming
    January 6, 2014
    good stuff
    Our jack russell would walk and run with a limp on one of his front legs. The vet sold us pain pills, which only made it worse because he ran and played harder. After 2 weeks of Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Chewable Tablets no more pain pills no more limp.
    Buddy says Thank you
    By dan
    December 22, 2013
    great deal
    I searched other web sites looking for the best deal I could find.Entirely pets provided a great product,at a good price and shipping was reasonable and fast
    By LWard
    Memphis, MO
    December 2, 2013
    Cosequin DS-Wow!
    I purchased this product in hopes that it would help our older blue heeler. Blue has been hobbling around on 2-3 legs at best late this summer. I honestly didn't think she would survive last winter. I feed the equine version of Cosequin to a 25 year old gelding...and thought it was worth a try to give this same supplement to our dog Blue. I am glad to say that Blue is using all four legs now and seems to be feeling much more agile and just a happier dog all around. Blue takes the pill like it was candy!

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