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Keep Your Dog Safe From Summer Heat

The sun-drenched days of summer are a time for pool parties, refreshing iced tea, and stocking up on bottles of sunscreen so you donít have to feel the sting of sunburn. But if youíre lucky enough to have a dog in your life, itís also a time to think about how the heat can affect your furry friend. As all dog owners already know, dogs regulate their body temperature mostly through panting, rather than sweating. This makes them especially vulnerable to heat-related injuries. And no space is more perilous than inside a locked car on a hot summer day. A dog left too long inside an extremely hot car can suffer heat stroke or even die.

To help more pet owners become aware of this issue, Instant Checkmate created this infographic. It reveals information that all pet owners should know about the dangers of hot cars. Do you know that it takes mere minutes for a car to reach over 100įF? Even a short amount of time spent in a baking car can be deadly for dogs. We hope that you share this infographic to encourage more pet owners to think about their petís comfort and safety before they expose them to dangerous temperatures.

Dogs Are Dying in Hot Cars - How to Save Them [Infographic]