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What is a DAP Collar?

What is a DAP Collar and How Can It Help My Dog?

With the wide variety of collars available for dogs, you might be wondering which one is the right collar for you and your pet. One such collar is the Adaptil DAP collar which offers a collar that is designed to comfort anxious dogs and puppies with a Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP). But what exactly is DAP and how do you know if itís right for your dog? We have the answer, here at EntirelyPets.

What is Dog Appeasing Pheromone?

A pheromone is a naturally occurring chemical secreted by animals that influence the social behavior of other members of their species. This means that dog pheromones will affect dogs without affecting other species. Pheromones can have a wide variety of affects in animals and can be used to communicate information or elicit a particular response. One type of pheromone in particular causes a calming effect in animals.

This type of pheromone exists across multiple species, but we call the calming pheromone that affects dogs a Dog Appeasing Pheromone. This pheromone is naturally produced by recent mothers who are currently nursing their pups; however, it can be synthetically reproduced. This synthetic DAP is used in products that offer a natural way to calm dogs that may be anxious or afraid.

When would I need a DAP collar?

DAP collars come in handy in a variety of situations. With puppies, DAP collars can be used to assist in training and behavior therapy. The calming effect of the collar can help your puppy focus on the matter at hand and prevent her from acting out and barking or other behavior that may disrupt her training. Training can also be very stressful, so DAP can be helpful when it comes to relieving that stress.

Challenging situations in which dogs are exposed to loud noises, unfamiliar settings, or surrounded by strangers can also cause stress in any dog. DAP collars are extremely apt to placating dogs that find themselves in these uncomfortable settings. Additionally, dogs that find themselves in a new home or that are undergoing a change in lifestyle could benefit from the stress relief of DAP as well.

How do I use a DAP collar?

Using a DAP collar is a simple process. Simply remove the collar from its box and put it on your dog. Some collars, like the Adaptil collar, will require that you adjust the collar and remove excess material. What is most important about DAP collars is ensuring that they have not expired. The average DAP collar lasts four weeks before the pheromones wear off of the collar and it ceases to have a calming effect.

My dog is still anxious! What else can I do?

Though itís unlikely that your dog will be unaffected by a DAP collar, there are instances in which dogs are still anxious even while wearing it. There are other solutions aside from a DAP collar that may help alleviate the problem.

If your pet is extremely anxious with a very sensitive nose, they might become keen on the fact that the pheromone is present wherever they go without being emitted from their surroundings. Though this is rare, a diffuser might prove to be a better solution to your problem, as it spreads the DAP throughout a larger area. If your dog seems to ignore all DAP solutions, you can always try a solution that does not rely on pheromones.

Other remedies include supplements and treats that contain calming elements like chamomile or lavender. One such treat is Bonies Calming Formula which offer a nutritionally balanced, healthy treat formulated to calm anxious dogs.