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Other Dental Products

As all dog dentists know, a brighter smile means a happier pet! EntirelyPets is on hand to supply you with top-of-the-line dental pet products to ensure that your dog or cat's teeth and gums are in tip-top shape. Achieve the most impressive pearly whites with high-quality pet dental sealant and all-inclusive dental health kits for dogs and cats from this large assortment at EntirelyPets. We also carry pet floss, breath-freshening treats and pet toys that help encourage better oral hygiene and dental health. If you dread the inevitable tooth and gum inspection that's a routine part of every vet visit, you'll appreciate these smile-improving solutions.

We have a wide variety of practical pet dental kits that include everything you need to freshen breath and brighten teeth, including dental chews, dental wipes, drinking water additives, pet breath fresheners and pet-friendly oral gel. These kits include brushless pet dental essentials that are simple, non-toxic, convenient and - most importantly - effective at keeping your pet's teeth glimmering and her breath smelling great. These kits are jam-packed with easy-to-use breath-busters and pet-friendly dental care products that make keeping your pet's teeth in great shape easier than ever.

For high-strength dental care, you can use a veterinary dental sealant to seal the subgingival gum line against the formation of plaque. These products use simple yet powerful ingredients to effectively control the buildup of plaque and tartar for up to six months. EntirelyPets offers dental sealant for dogs and cats by AllAccem for safe administration and long-term performance. No matter which products you choose, you can trust EntirelyPets to provide you with a low price guarantee and the best shopping experience around. Stock up on all of these excellent products and receive free shipping when you spend $85 or more at