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Dental Sprays & Rinses

Teeth are the window to your overall health, they say. We believe that's true for your four-legged friends, too. With these pet-safe dental sprays and rinses, your dog or cat will get a shining review during his or her next oral exam at the vet's office. The right chemistry balance will ensure that odor- and disease-causing bacteria don't find a hospitable place in your best pal's mouth. EntirelyPets offers a large selection of dental spray for pets, all of which are designed to fight plaque and tartar, freshen breath and fight feline and canine periodontal disease. The result? A smoochable pet with A-plus oral hygiene!

EntirelyPets offers a large selection of dental rinses for dogs and cats. These safe, convenient and effective dental health boosters feature antimicrobial ingredients that eradicate odor-causing bacteria, tartar, plaque and microorganisms that can lead to periodontal disease and foul breath. Many feature a small amount of chlorhexidine gluconate, a pet-safe antiseptic that's proven to eliminate bacteria, and plaque-fighting cetylpyridinium chloride. Some cat and dog oral sprays are enhanced with all-natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals for overall pet health. The all-natural pet products in this selection won't cause any side effects.

You can choose a dental rinse in addition to regular tooth cleansings and other oral health products such as dental water additives. Sprays are especially easy to use for dogs and cats who won't accept toothpaste, because you can easily administer a small dose straight into your pet's mouth. Pet mouth rinses may seem a bit more complicated, but are just as easy to administer to your pet. They feature handy applicators that allow you to directly dispense the solution into your pet's mouth along the gums for on-contact eradication of plaque- and tartar-causing bacteria. EntirelyPets has a huge selection of dental products for pets to ensure kissable snouts and whiskers.