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Leba III Pet Dental Spray

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Leba III Pet Dental Spray Leba III Dental Spray is designed to balance the chemistry of the mouth for dogs and cats. A buildup of plaque and tartar leads to dental problems like gum disease, infection and discomfort. It does not contain any antibiotics, as this eliminates the beneficial bacteria as well. Leba III works by stimulating enzymes that eat away at tartar and soften it, allowing it to fall off. It is all-natural and has no side effects.

  • No brushing, no change in diet...people nad pets love it!
  • Herbal prodct, causes no enamel damage and no side-effects.
  • 100% response in double blind tests.
  • Save your pet the trauma of anesthesia & save yourself the expense of periodontal cleanings.
  • Ideal for home dental care
  • Ingredients

    Distilled water, Ethyl alcohol 25%, Lamiaceae and Rosaceae in trace elements.

    Useful Information

    Spray Leba III in the pet's mouth. It is not required to spray teeth directly. Once in the mouth Leba III will mix with the saliva, and the teeth will receive treatment.

    pets under 22kg/50 lbs 1 spray per treatment
    pets over 22kg/50 lbs 2 spray per treatment

    To clean teeth initially give treatments twice a day, morning and night. It will take more or less time depending on the breed, age and genetics.

    Pets who build tartar very fast remain on Leba III twice a day for their entire life. Others find that once a day is enough.

    Keep Leba III at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. Give pet no food, no water or anything that could dilute Leba III, hr before and hr after treatment. Prevent grooming after treatment so that Leba III will remain in the mouth. For best results use no other dental products while using Leba III. If you wish to brush your pet's teeth use only water on the toothbrush.


    Use an eye dropper
  • Spray dosage: 1 or 2 sprays (according to size) in the transparent cap of the Leba III bottle
  • Pick up the solution with dropper and drop into the pet's mouth, on the tongue.

  • If your pet has liver or kidney disease or trouble metabolizing alcohol, you can dilute the dose with equal amounts of distilled water:
  • Spray dosage: 1 or 2 (according to size) in the transparent cap of the Leba III bottle
  • Add equal amount of distilled water
  • Pick up the mixture with dropper and put solution into the pet's mouth, on the tongue.

  • How Do I Maintain Results?
    Every pet has a different chemistry, so the maintenance schedule will vary. After the initial cleaning, space out the treatments gradually, until you find the correct frequency for your pet. Some pets will require daily treatment while others may require it less often. If the tartar comes back increase the frequency.

    Do not to use Leba III with any other dental product, most of the other dental products have chemicals (antibacterial ingredients) that will destroy the herbal action of Leba III, which is promoting good flora in the mouth. Antibiotics also interfere with the herbal action of Leba III.

    Are There Any Side Effects? There are no side effects. It has been used since 1994 by veterinarians in Canada with no side effects.

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