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6-PACK Derm-Tabs Extra Strength for Dogs (360 Chewable Tablets)

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Derm-Tabs Extra Strength is a nutritional supplement specifically formulated for dogs to promote healthy skin and coat. It contains a blend of essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that work together to support optimal skin health.

Derm-Tabs Extra Strength is a premium dog supplement designed to address various skin issues and enhance the overall condition of your dog's skin and coat. It comes in the form of chewable tablets that are easy to administer and have a delicious taste, making it convenient for both dogs and their owners.

Key Benefits:

  1. Promotes Healthy Skin: Derm-Tabs Extra Strength is packed with essential nutrients such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that nourish the skin from within. These ingredients help maintain a healthy skin barrier, reducing dryness, itchiness, and flakiness.
  2. Enhances Coat Condition: The blend of fatty acids in Derm-Tabs Extra Strength supports a shiny and lustrous coat. They help improve hair texture, reduce shedding, and minimize the formation of dull and brittle hair.
  3. Relieves Itching and Allergies: Dogs suffering from allergies, dermatitis, or other skin irritations often experience itching and discomfort. Derm-Tabs Extra Strength contains ingredients like antihistamines and essential fatty acids that can help alleviate itching and reduce inflammation, providing relief to your furry friend.
  4. Supports Skin Healing: If your dog has wounds, hot spots, or other skin injuries, Derm-Tabs Extra Strength aids in the healing process. It promotes tissue repair, reduces inflammation, and supports the growth of healthy skin cells.
  5. Strengthens Immune System: A strong immune system is vital for maintaining healthy skin. Derm-Tabs Extra Strength includes vitamins and antioxidants that boost the immune response, helping to fight off infections and keep your dog's skin defenses strong.
  6. Convenient and Palatable: Derm-Tabs Extra Strength comes in chewable tablets that dogs find tasty and enjoyable. This makes it easier to administer the supplement without any hassle or resistance from your furry companion.

It's important to note that while Derm-Tabs Extra Strength can provide significant benefits for your dog's skin and coat, it's always advisable to consult with a veterinarian before starting any new dietary supplement to ensure it is suitable for your dog's specific needs.

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Unique Formula:

Derm-Tabs? Extra Strength (ES) is made with a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support healthy skin and a healthy coat while reducing occasional shedding in dogs. With twice the potency of our Regular Strength, Extra Strength Derm-Tabs ES is a chewable liver-flavored tablet that is easy to give your dog to help maintain healthy skin and a glossy coat.

Active Ingredients:

The active ingredients Calcium, Zinc, and Folic Acid are important for normal hair growth and retention. Chloride, Niacin, and Choline help your dog's skin maintain healthy moisture balance from within and retain that moisture. Potassium and Sodium helps to maintain fluid and mineral balance in the cells of the pet's body. Flaxseed Oil and Magnesium are also included to hydrate and help soothe the skin in cases where temporary dryness can cause itching.

Additional Benefits:

Derm-Tabs ES also combines Vitamins B-1, B-2, B-6, and B-12 to support hair and follicle health. Antioxidants like Selenium and Vitamin E reduce free radicals, which also keep your dog?s skin and hair healthy and looking shiny.


Active Ingredients (per tablet:)
Microencapsulated Fatty Acids
Marine Lipid Concentrate 450 mg
Flaxseed Oil 100 mg

Vitamin A 4,300 IU
Vitamin V-1 (thiamine monoitrate) 2,800 mcg
Vitamin B-2 (riboflavin) 2,800 mcg
Vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine) 2,290 mcg
Vitamin B-12 (Cyanocobalamin) 70 mcg
Vitamin D-3 860 IU
Vitamin E 14 IU
Vitamin K (menadione) 710 mcg
Biotin 28 mcg
Choline 7 mg
Folic Acid 86 mcg
Inositol 21 mg
Niacin 21 mg
Pantothenic Acid 3,230 mcg
Calcium 25.5 mg
Chloride 5.7 mg
Cobalt 43 mcg
Copper 500 mcg
Iodine 105 mcg
Iron 10 mg
Magnesium 4.3 mg
Manganese 198 mcg
Phosphorus 20 mg
Potassium 42 mcg
Selenium 8.6 mcg
Sodium 4.3 mg
Zinc 7.1 mg

Other Ingredients:

Calcium Phosphate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Sucrose, Natural Liver Flavor, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate.

Useful Information

Tablets may be crumbled and mixed with pet's food to help with administration. After 6 weeks, the dosage can be reduced if positive results are seen. Since each pet's body is different, results may take longer in some pets.

Store in a cool, dry place, out of the reach of children. Keep tightly shut to preserve freshness. For use in dogs only.

Initial Administration (4-6 weeks)
Size of Dog A.M. P.M.
Up to 20 lbs. 2 tablets 2 tablets
21-50 lbs. 4 tablets 4 tablets
Over 50 lbs. 6 tablets 6 tablets
Maintenace Administration
Up to 20 lbs. 1 tablet 1 tablet
21-50 lbs. 2 tablets 2 tablets
Over 50 lbs. 3 tablets 3 tablets

Customer Reviews

Review Summary
11 Reviews
73% (8)
18% (2)
9% (1)
0% (0)
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100% Recommend this product (11 of 11 responses)
By holly s.
Butler, Pa
So soft
April 8, 2019
So far this product has made my dog's coats very soft. I've been using it for about 3 weeks. Now that it is spring, their coats are shedding. I will be anxious to see how well it reduces shedding.
By gmn
Derm-Tabs ES chewable
January 25, 2015
This product gives my dogs a silky feel and shiny appearance to their coats. They were without it for about 2-3 weeks and the difference in the texture and feel of their fur was astonishing. I do recommend this product.
On the down side it is a little pricey, and my dogs do not like the taste so I have to break it into their food. I give them 1 tablet 2x a day.
By bmbmb
Washington, DC
GREAT product!!
August 28, 2014
All the dogs love these! Their coats stay shiny and healthy-looking.
By Bassetmom
Great vitamin too!
May 16, 2014
These really do help my dogs' coats but they also are a great vitamin. I've compared the dietary analysis in these tablets versus competitors and these are top notch. I've used them for years and my dogs are extremely healthy.
By bmbmb
Washington, DC
Makes coats shiny and healthy!
January 31, 2014
The dogs seem to like these. Easily added to their dry food, or given as a treat. This seems to work much better than the Shed Pro oil in lessening shedding.
By Tn D.
Cookeville, TN
Derm-Tabs ES are the BEST!!
October 17, 2013
Received our order of Derm-Tabs E S and started giving them to our Black Labrador Retriever. They are right! In only six weeks or so, Bo's shedding reduced dramatically! Before he would leave lots of hair wherever he would lay down and it would take 2-3 sticky sheets to get it all up off of my husband's favorite chair. Now, with only one sheet the hair is gone. Let's face it, retrievers shed, but this product does an outstanding job of reducing the hairy mess. Love it and recommend anyone with a "shedding friend" try it.
By Jja
Tabs were all broken up
May 20, 2013
These work great for my dog,but the last two times that I ordered them at least half of the tabs in each bottle were all broken up. Something needs done. I am not sure if it happens during shippping or how they are handled before shipment.
By Denise
6 PACK - Derm-Tabs ES Extra Strength for DOGS (360
October 31, 2012
Refer this item to my show friends great product
By Boing's ".
West Hills, California
Shiny Pills
June 8, 2012
I have been giving this supplement to Boing for years.
When he doesn't have them his coat gets dull & his skin flaky.

Doesn't take too long before I see the effect if he hasn't had some for a while.
They are added to his food every morning.

Certainly works wonders - though like all supplements results vary according to the individual.

He is always such a happy soul & these pills keep him shiny & jolly..

I won't be without them & Entirely Pets have the best price.
By Betty
Review for 6-PACK Derm-Tabs Extra Strength for Dogs (360 Chewable Tablets)
April 28, 2012
Great product. I have a chocolate lab and his coat is fantastic after about 4 weeks. I expected to be disappointed and was happily surprised. I will continue on product.
By Marnie
Brighton CO
derm-Tabs ES
March 14, 2012
Great product, I would recommend highly.

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