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  6. Dingo Denta-Treats Regular (4.8 oz) - 4 pack

Dingo Denta-Treats Regular (4.8 oz) - 4 pack
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Dingo Denta-Treats Regular (4.8 oz) - 4 pack

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The Tasty Chew Treats That Are Also Great for Oral Hygiene

Your dog will love chewing on Dingo Dental-Treats Regular, while you'll love the effects that these treats have on your dog's teeth.

These long-lasting, flavorful chew treats clean teeth and improve oral health, which is an area where most dog owners can use a little extra help. At the same time, these treats offer your dog a delicious and safe snack.

These chews do double duty, cleaning teeth while providing a tempting treat

The strong, inviting flavor of Dingo Dental-Treats will keep your dog chewing on them for hours. These treats use deep ridges to more thoroughly clean teeth while your dog is chewing, promoting better oral health in the future. Giving your dog one of these treats is the easiest thing that you can do to boost oral health and hygiene. Dingo Dental-Treats Regular are a great complement to any toothpastes and oral rinses that you already use to keep your dog's teeth and gums healthy.

  • The ridges of the treats have a scrubbing effect on teeth
  • Treats can effectively remove tartar and plaque
  • Treats are completely safe to consume and easy to digest
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