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DECHRA Malacetic Wet Wipe Dry Bath (100 count)

Item: DPMWW100
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MalAcetic Wet Wipes/Dry Bath indications:

EVERY pet owner should have a container on hand for a "needy" moment.

1. To SPOT CLEANSE/DEODORIZE any pet. Feet, face, tails, anals, skin folds, ears and around eyes come to mind quickly. Muddy feet on a cold day, hound dogs that like to roll in whatever, long haired dogs whose feces almost makes it to the ground but still gets a little stuck in the hair, eye stains or just to clean up and smell good before the company comes over NO LONGER REQUIRES A WET PET.

2. MALASSEZIA/PYODERMA spot treatment assistance. Hot spots, necks, tails, intertriginous and other focal areas.

3. ANAL SAC expression. This eye opening, unpleasant experience is about to get mildly less disgusting. Instructions are placed on all bottles for clients to learn to do this in the comfort of their own home. The end point is a clean sac with a deodorized "wet wipe" and no lingering adverse odor.

4. Medicated baths just became easier. I like to recommend my owners to bathe their pets 3-7 times weekly as part of my treatment protocol for Malassezia, Pyoderma, Hot spots and keratinization disorders. Realistically, compliance has not been good. Wet wipes should afford an easier application of topical therapy.

5. EAR CLEANSING. This formula is designed to mimic the Ear/Skin Cleanser which is our most popular product. While it still must be used for flushing, the Wet Wipes can make cleaning the pinna and vertical canal easier.

6. CATS. Any time you have to bathe a cat, it's war and somebody always gets wounded. Now clean them with a wipe. Stud Tail, chin acne, rodent or eosinophilic ulcers or granulomas, urine and fecal mishaps come to mind as being easier to handle.

7. Reduce dander and allergenicity.

8. Post-surgical wound cleansing.

Customer Reviews

Review Summary
31 Reviews
81% (25)
10% (3)
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10% (3)
90% Recommend this product (28 of 31 responses)
By bulldogmom
Effective Cleansing for Tail Pockets
April 2, 2019
I have used these for some time on my English bulldogs to help keep the tail pocket area cleaned. Quick and easy to use.
By Siamese G.
Really helpful!
January 12, 2017
I have tried oodles of things on my English Bulldog to help with her multitude of skin and allergy issues but these are the first thing I have used that I have seen a real, positive and fast result. I use them on her "Bulldog chin", her feet and especially her tail, which is REALLY tucked in. Also for cleaning her external ear canal. A relief to finally find something that helps!!!
Malacetic Wet Wipe
July 5, 2016
Excellent product. I have two English Bulldogs, these wipes are great for their wrinkles and their inverted tails.
I would recommend these wipes to anyone with a Bully, makes life much easier
By ramosfamily
Pearland, TX
Perfect for Bulldogs
August 22, 2014
I love using this for my bulldogs ears and folds on a daily and sometime bi-daily basis.
By Brunswickbulldog
Good Product
April 7, 2014
This is our second time ordering this product. It is very good for our bulldog. We use the wipes regularly on his feet to keep them clean and to prevent inflammation between his toes. The wipes are also very good for cleaning out his face wrinkles. It ships very fast to Canada.
keep it clean
December 15, 2013
Excellent wipes to clean and disinfect the paws and face. I would only wish that the package was better designed.
By eeyore_thistle
Kingston, Ontario
Great product - will buy again
November 7, 2013
The wipes are easy to order and are a great price. I wish the shipping was a little cheaper but things always get more expensive when they have to cross the border

These wipes make it so easy to clean our French Bulldogs wrinkles and help to keep him allergy free. I would definitely recommend these to anyone.
By Blondies' M.
Charleston, WV
Handy product
August 28, 2013
My vet said this was better than water for my allergic to grass, etc. Golden. I started out using 2 wipes but switched to 1. Wish they were a little bigger for her big feet. She is much better, thanks to allergy shots, change in diet and environment. Thanks for a handy product.
By Tools
NSW Australia
Good for frequent use
June 14, 2013
Our ridgeback puppy had an ear infection which meant daily cleaning. These wipes were great value. They also didn't seem to irritate our dogs ears, being used on a daily basis. The only thing was I felt they were a tiny bit dry, so I used to squirt some ear cleaning wash into the tub and shake around before using the wipes.
By Ginger
San Francisco, CA
Absolutely Necessary Stuff
March 27, 2013
Malacetic uses acetic acid, aka vinegar, to defeat both fungal and bacterial issues. It works with the naturally acidic pH of dogs' skin. My dog is allergic to chlorhexadine which is in most of these sorts of products. We use these wipes after every walk and have really made a difference in her health! The wipes are expensive but there's nothing else on the market that works as well. Very glad to have found them here.
By Chopper1
Golden CO
Review for DECHRA Malacetic Wet Wipe Dry Bath (100 count)
February 21, 2013
I know that this product is supposed to be the same formula as the DermaPet product they recently bought out, but our dog had a terrible allergic reaction to it the first and only time we used it to clean the folds on his cheeks. Both his eyes ran dark brown gunk out of them for about 5 days. The product was not used near his eyes. There was no other change to his grooming regime so we can only think it was this new manufacturer. I know the formula is supposed to be the same - our Vet checked it out, but I would never again use it because of the severe reaction my dog had. His eyes are still stained around them even after a month.
By colliegirl
Newmanstown, PA
Worthwhile purchase
December 17, 2012
My 7 year old collie has had a lifelong skin condition known as Malassezia.....he intermitently breaks out in horrible rashes that are greasy, itchy & resemble folliculitis. I must bathe him frequently & keep his hair between baths the Malacetic wipes are great & keep his skin under control.
By Jude
Malacetic wet wipes
November 25, 2012
I use this product to clean my dogs ears and their feet it's great for any irritation or skin infection It has a very pleasant perfume that's a great help if bathing is not possible.
By Molinda
Demotte, IN.
Best Purchase Ever
November 20, 2012
Amy has a skin problem and it is a mircale for her..
By lilysmom
July 16, 2012
These are very convenient for keeping pets "refreshed" between baths.
By augustbulls
Carlisle, PA
excellent wipe
July 13, 2012
We have Bulldogs and these wipes do a great job of eliminating the "yeast like" substance that builds up in their wrinkles and pads.
By Mollie-Meadow M.
Boston, MA
Best purchase ever
June 26, 2012
I have used these wipes for approximately 9 years on both my Newfoundland dogs. They were recommended by my vet for cleaning the inside of their ears to prevent ear infections, particularly after swimming. I highly recommend them as they have saved me a lot of money and time. Also, I use them as a quick wipe down on the Newfs as well as on my cat, Mr. Magoo.
By Dog L.
Bad Choice
May 1, 2012
This product smells bad and the smell sticks around for a couple of days afer use on my dog. I will not be using this product ever again.
By Gail
Schaefferstown, PA
Very convenient product
March 27, 2012
My collie has had severe skin problems most of his adult life.....I have to keep him shaved & bath him frequently with medicated shampoo......this product helps in between baths..especially if he develops sore spots. It is very handy to have.
By CindyW
Great Value
February 20, 2012
I have to use these medicated wipes on my English Bulldogs face wrinkles. They work great to keep away infections in his wrinkles.
By tmacksaunt
Tampa, FL
Works great
February 19, 2012
These wipes were recommended by our vet. With our Lhasa Apso having chronic skin problems and always in the vet office, we needed some way to cut the expense. Even with shipping, this item is cheaper than at our vet's office.
By pug m.
Effective facial fold cleaner
February 1, 2012
My pug has a deep nose roll that extends even with his nose and is constantly subject to sneezes and wet tongue. He had chronic fungal buildup until our vet recommended the Wet Wipe. Almost instant relief. Caution to keep it from eyes is the only concern.
By bulldog l.
Ontario, Canada
very effective
January 9, 2012
If you own a bulldog and need to keep their wrinkles and tail pocket clean and dry, this is the perfect wipe. After an infection, these wipes were provided by our vet at 4 times the price we paid for them on Entirely They are definitely part of our daily grooming, now that we know how affordable they can be.
By Sparrow
New York
Not good for stud tail as advertised
December 28, 2011
Not surprisingly, this did not clean off the excess buildup caused by stud tail on my Persian cat.

I clean his tail twice daily with regular popular baby wipes and thought the Malacetic Wet Wipes would do a better job, but they did not. I had to rub excessively (not the thing to do for any sort of skin malady) to get the slightest result.

I'm sure they work for others, but for greasy stud tail, it's a no go.
By Lydia58
Very good
December 8, 2011
I'm so happy with these wipes, my frechie loves them too, it s perfect for wrinkle cleaning.
By bbeefl
boston, ma
dermapet wipes
November 25, 2011
my chocolate lab mocha suffers from contact allergies and was constantly corncobbing or chewing her paws. these wipes work magic and are a better option than giving the dog temerel or prednizone every day! i highly reccomend this product for any dog with skin allergies
By Rhonda
Works very well
November 8, 2011
We use these wipes on our English Bulldog. She has folds around her face that must be keep clean and dry otherwise they become red and irritated. We also use them on her tail. Our vet recommended them and they truly work. We will never go without them.
By Princess M.
Gets the job done!!
October 20, 2011
The wipes are much better than having the solution, which you waste a lot because you have to apply to a paper towel inorder to use. Very moist and easy to use.
By Micki
Fresno, CA
Good product, good price.
October 13, 2011
This product was recommended by my vet for my dog who has a yeast type of problem. I've been using it for several months and really it. My dog has responded well and I now use it only every few days. Your price is better than my vet's. Thanks for the quality product.
By Jenn
Austin, TX
Perfect for Bulldogs
July 20, 2010
Every bulldog owner should have these on hand to wipe out all their wrinkles. It is very good for bulldogs with lots of allergy conditions. Vet was surprised and happy that I have these on hand.

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