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Do You Know These Dog Breeds?

On a single day, we often see many Golden Retrievers, Labs and German Shepherds. But how often do you come across a breed you don’t recognize? Throughout history, there has been countless breeds of dogs bred and raised to help us humans with our endeavors.

Whether they were bred for hunting, hearding, ratting or guarding - there is such a vast majority of breeds it may take a lifetime to see them all. Here are a few dog breeds that you might have seen around and not recognized.

The Weimaraner

Also known as the "Grey Ghost" - these energetic and intelligent, silver dogs were used by royal families as hunting companions of large game such as boar, bear and deer.

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The Old English Sheepdog

Bred for herding sheep in England, these adorable yet large dogs are exuberant and playful and thrive when given a job to do.

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The Chinese Crested

These dogs are commonly recognized for their bare buddies and furry heads and tails. Despite their trademarked look, Chinese Crested dogs come in two varieties, with and without hair. These dogs were used as ratters on chinese chips, hence their name… though the breed is thought to have originally come from Africa.

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The Ibizan Hound

These elegant looking dogs are extremely agile members of the hound family. These intelligent and active dogs were originally used for hunting small game such as rabbits.

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