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Who is Doge?

Doge is more than a Shiba Inu sporting an interesting expression, he is an expression of disbelief that warrants the deteriorating grammar of the LOLCat generation. Doge differs from other dogs in that he found his identity in the aggregate.

Doge began as a more general internet meme than one specific dog in one particular type of situation and has since evolved past this paradigm. With the increasing popularity of Shiba Confessions, a blog on Tumblr which featured pictures of Shiba Inus with confessions written across them in comic sans.

Eventually, the joke had a set formula of "wow, such blank, very blank" and most memes began to center on the same picture. These memes progressed the situations doge encountered expanded with creative uses of Photoshop and even more absurd abstractions.

Claim to Fame:

Doge is known for his signature expression that seems to match the incoherent structure of the comic sans expressions of befuddlement. In 2013, he became the face of a new form of cryptocurrency, the Dogecoin. The Dogecoin is currently valued at $0.001 USD per coin.

How Famous is He?

Doge's new to the internet and has only just began to grow in popularity in June 2013. Since then search traffic for "Doge" and "doge meme" have seen large spikes with the popularity of the term with nearly equal searches to other popular internet pets like Boo and Grumpy Cat.

Doge has inspired a second meme within his following in which users say "Doge is Love. Doge is Life." Doge fans will create variations of doge's image in which they use Photoshop to post his face on Twinkie's, in space, or anywhere they can while maintaining Comic Sans.