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Douxo Shampoos & Sprays by Sogeval

Many pet shampoos can be harsh and leave an agitating residue on your dog or catís coat. This irritating residue can be harmful to your petís skin, causing discomfort, itching, or redness. If you are looking for a safe, soft, hypoallergenic based shampoo for your dog or cat, youíll love

Douxo Shampoo

s & Sprays by Sogeval.


Shampoos and sprays are easy to use and are a must if your pet has a fungal, yeast or bacterial issue. You will love the fresh green tea fragrance of this foaming product and your pet will appreciate the gentle way in which Douxo shampoos and sprays clean their fur and their skin. Use of Douxo shampoos and sprays will give your pet that shiny, soft, and smooth fur coat that you canít get from other products. You'll also have the satisfaction of knowing it is gentle on your furry friend.