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EPO-Equine Natural Blood Builder 3.38 oz (30 Servings)

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Just like in people, a horse’s muscles require oxygen from blood for fuel. Red blood cells serve as the oxygen-carrying cells in the blood.A higher red blood cell count = more oxygen in the blood = more muscle energy.

Elevated muscle energy helps the horse perform harder, faster and longer during endurance events.

So here’s where the horse’s natural EPO production comes in. The hormone erythropoietin (EPO) is made by the kidneys to stimulate production of new red blood cells from bone marrow. EPO is a natural “blood builder.” EPO Production in HorsesWith EPO doping, trainers boost EPO levels to get improved performance. But they use a synthetic EPO (recombinant human EPO), even though the side effects can kill the horse. That’s why it’s illegal.The great news is – there’s another option.

EPO – Equine®: a safe, highly effective natural, dietary horse performance supplement accepted by the racehorse community.

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